OH MY GOSH! Guess What I Saw At Target Today!?

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  1. I couldn't believe my EYES! They're redoing a lot of my Target but OH MY GOSH - guess what I saw while walking down the aisle in the makeup area?


    I almost fell OVER! :sos:

    I thought "Wow! Where does Target start and where does it end?" I checked out a favorite Origins face scrub with fruit enzymes I haven't used in eons and it was $23.99. Smelled it...sure enough, 1000% real. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable....to ME anyway!!! :love::jrs:
  2. LOL congrats:tup:
  3. Origins? get out of town!! I don't believe it.

    was it the actual brand or are they joining with another cosmetic company for some limited edition type stuff?
  4. Even kiehls? Wow!
  5. There's a big controversy about this.... Supposedly Target isn't technically *allowed* to carry certain brands, so people are all in a snit, saying don't buy it because it must be fake/ expired/ black market. I've even heard people try to argue that we shouldn't buy high end products at Target, because it cheapens the brands :rolleyes:

    I find it hard to believe Target would sell blatantly illegal merchandise. Plus I've seen Salon brand shampoos at my Target and they are 100% authentic and not-expired, nor do they look like they 'fell off a truck.' I'll buy stuff wherever I can get the best deal, so I think it's great! :shrugs:
  6. I saw my Target was just starting to put up a small section like this as well. I hope its not like the salon shampoo Target is selling with they should not be.
  7. didnt target sell fake coach?
  8. ^ I heard that rumor too. I would love to know the full/ true story...
  9. Aahh Claire I'm one of these people...at least in the hair care department that is....don't hate me:crybaby: I think its just because I grew up with a mom that does hair
  10. I love Target...they are my favorite!! That would be sad if they sold fake bags. I will have to look at mine and see if I see anything.
  11. i think it was REAL coach. they were sued.:yes:
    oops, nope it was fake coach! my bad!
  12. I saw that at my Target too. I was shocked when I saw a Bumble and Bumble there! And Kerastase!
  13. LOL! Don't worry, I still :heart: you Jenny :P

    I just never understood why discount places aren't allowed to sell expensive shampoo...

    I'd love to know what really happened with Target and Coach though. I'm sure somebody (or many people) got fired over that! I know places like Costco and Sams aren't supposed to sell designer purses, but they do anyway :confused1:

    Awhile ago I read that Sams supposedly got a "bad" shipment and unknowingly sold fakes. I just don't understand how that happens and where they're getting this stuff from, if not the manufacturers :shrugs:
  14. Dang I love kielhl's tinted lip balm and clarins par amour toujours perfume! My closest target doesn't carry these!

    Did you go to a target greatland that is only in certain areas and carries more high end merchandise?
  15. My mom always used to say this too. But I'm starting to wonder if things have changed... I wonder if there is new information?