oh my gosh- Ben and Jerry's has LIP BALM!

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  1. Ok, forgive me if this is old news (I searched and found nada on it)- but BEN AND JERRY'S HAS LIP BALM!:yahoo: Can you tell I'm excited? I LOVE ice cream...so what better than to have the lip balm! It's all organic too! Anyone know where I can find it or the MRSP?

    I actually saw it on ebay (picture form a listing)

  2. Huh. I wonder if it like those Hershey lip balms- I didn't think those were very candy like. I just googled it and it looks like it might have been a UK thing only? You can actually order it through their site on the UK version. I wonder if anyone has tried these.
  3. I imagine they sell these at the gift shop in the factory. They had all kinds of stuff there when I went. They might have them at some of the ice cream stores too. I have a friend who used to manage one; she might know...
  4. The packaging is really cute!! *runs off to grocery store to buy some B&J*
  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG....I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do they sell these????
  6. Ohhhh!!! The perfect substitute for an ice cream craving!!
  7. awww- so bummed they are a UK thing. Check on ebay ladies- there is a seller offering 3 for 9.99 (starting bid)! I'm going to do it!

    Totally breaking my self-imposed ban on lip products (buy too many- esp. considering I hate balms that I need to use my finger with!)
  8. I just did a buy it now on a Mint Choco Chip:yahoo: I figured that I didn't want to be stuck with 3 if I didn't like them. Thanks for the GREAT tip and info!!!!
  9. That's awesome! Do they come in all the flavors because I love cookie dough and that would be amazingg!!
  10. ^^^They have a Cookie Dough I think for BIN!!!!
  11. Ohh tell us how it is when you get it! i'm still on the fence about breaking my lip product ban! :sweatdrop:

    they do have it!!! :tup:
  12. I will!!!! I can't believe what a sucker I am for cute packageing
  13. How big are they?
  14. ah. they are so freaking cute! i want one.
  15. OOOOOOOH!!!

    I'm so wanting some now! I wonder if they have a Strawberry Cheesecake flavoured one. *off to hunt on eBay*