Oh my......goodness....

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  1. My holy grail bag is a berry matinee, but I kind of gave up on finding one. When FLL had the 25% off sale over easter, I thought oh well, may as well order a eggplant matinee because the colors are somewhat similar and even the eggplant color is getting hard to find. So I picked her up at the UPS store yesterday and I am in heaven!!:love::heart: I tore open the box at the store and drove back home with her in my lap!!:yahoo: She is so pretty, but I really don't know why she's called eggplant. I was concerned she would be too dark/brown like the pics I saw, but IRL she's not that dark at all. Then I figured out the exact color she is: I poured a glass of cabernet sauvignon and very carefully set it next to her and voila! A PERFECT MATCH!! Heck, if I spilled it, the color would match :P

    She's kind of rugged, yet cool and chic at the same time. :supacool: So glad I got her. I've been looking at her all day, can't wait to take her out this weekend!:wlae:
  2. Congrats on ur new love! Remember to take some pics and show her off to us!! :yes:
  3. Pics, Pics!! Sounds beautiful! Congrats!

    By the way, I love that you drove back with the bag on your lap. That's hilarious!!
  4. ITA, we need to see pics woman!! :P
  5. congrats! i am glad you love your new bag :smile:
  6. :drinkup:Well she sounds gorgeous!! Please take pics for us and pass that Cabernet this way.....
  7. Isn't eggplant gorgeous. I have an eggplant MAM, I prefer it to the wine-- more subtle.
  8. Yes where are the pictures it sounds devine!
  9. wow~ are you sure they didn't mistakenly send you a wine :nuts: ?! not that i think they had any! but the colour sounds devine!! congrats and pics please :popcorn:
  10. Will try to get som pics up, sorry I could only describe her for now. I will definitely have her posing with the glass of wine :rolleyes:
  11. your bag sounds gourgeous! cant wait to see pics!!
  12. Congrats! The online photos of that bag always looked TDF for me, and I actually considered buying that bag at one point. Can't wait to see some photos!
  13. Wow, sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see pics :biggrin: congrats