Oh my goodness! (kinda long, sorry)

  1. (Sorry this is kinda long!)
    I'm so excited! I just got back from my boutique and first of all, they just opened up their newly remodeled store and it's GORGEOUS! I walked in and my jaw dropped! It's absolutely beautiful! So anyway, those of you who read my last thread, you know that I went there to get the Leather Black Carly and the Bleecker Checkbook Wallet. Well, when I got there I tried on the Carly and I actually wasn't in love with it but decided to get it anyway. So my BFF and I walked around for a while just looking and then I saw it!! On the hand of a mannequin was the Felicia in Coal! I wanted this bag first but since I thought they were gone, I had decided on the Carly instead. So I immediately got my SA and asked her if they had anymore. She went to look and then the manager came over and said I could get the one on display. She said they sold the last brown one yesterday and she had just put out that last black one today! So I looked her over and it was perfect so I told them to wrap it up!! I am so excited! So I ended up with Felicia in Coal and the Bleecker Signature Checkbook wallet in Chocolate, I just couldn't pass up the pink inside! :yahoo:

    So in total, I should have spent approximately $1100 because my friend got a wallet too but I had 2 credits that totaled about $530 and with the 25% off, I paid about $315 for a bag and 2 wallets!! Fantastic deal!! Oh and they did return my Bleecker bag without the tags with no problem! So i'm so happy but I can't open them until the 30th so pictures will have to wait until then! Sorry!:tdown:
  2. Congrats on the deals. So sad you cant show pics.
  3. Pics, pics, pics!! Woohoo! I bet it's gorgeous!

    ETA: Oops! Didn't see the part about the pics! I was so excited! OK, I'll be patient!
  4. Oh super deal for you...You been hanging around with Kimmie???
  5. What does a Felicia look like? I don't know if I've seen one
  6. Same here! But they way you described how excited you are about it, I'm sure she's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on a great deal. :smile:
  7. yay! congrats, and I am so glad you found something that works for you! That is great, can't wait to see pics! :tup:
  8. wow that is awesome...wish i had a store credit being begged to used....no gift cards either....
  9. yes, what is this "felicia"?
    i searched coach.com and found nothing.
    can someone post a pic please? tia. :smile:
  10. Aw yay!!! Congrats, I can't wait for pics!! :tup:
  11. Congrats on the Felicia -- it's a lovely bag. Can't wait for pics!
  12. Congrats, great deals!
  13. Congrats! Isnt it awesome to get a bag you have been looking forawrd to for a long time?
  14. Wow, that's an awesome deal. Congrats...I can't wait to see the pix. Don't forget to post the pix later on.
  15. This is Felicia!