oh my goodness I saw the patent ergo hobo..


    I tried on the black patent hobo, the strap was a little to long but it was SO light and it was a matte patent and I just LOVED it, white contrasting stitching and all! ARGH! :push: :sweatdrop: I have to get it..
  2. I have not seen it IRL yet.
    I can't wait to see it in red!
  3. I saw the same one at my Nordstroms a couple of days ago. I know many here love it. But Im just not feeling this bag yet. But........as for the whitel Ali........WOOOOHOOO! Mine should arrive tomorrow!! We'll have to compare notes lol
  4. aarti, i think you made the better choice with the ali. i think patent might be a passing fancy.
  5. Now you see why I am lusting after this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's in my Mom's bathroom all tied up in a pretty Coach box...13 more days I have to wait!
  6. I just saw it at Nordstrom today, too!! I am in serious lust!!!
  7. im dying to see the red one! but kallison is right, the patent is fancier and on a daily basis i would get more use out of the ali.
  8. I am dying to see the red one too!! I have an obsession with patent ... haha.
  9. no kidding, sky. :p;)
  10. This just might be one of the few patent bags I like!
  11. mine should be here on monday - yippy
  12. I completely agree. I think it is a bit of a fancier bag, definitely not an everyday bag. And that is exactly why I am going to get it in red. Black and white are basic everyday colors. And granted the bag is beautiful in both colors. But the red is a little more special, just like the style of bag. I have been dying to get the perfect red bag and (hopefully) the red patent ergo is the one. I still need to see a picture of it first and perferably a tPF picture vs. a stock photo. (Because our pictures are always better!)
  13. I don't know why I love this bag! It is trendy, and I'd want to use it every day.
  14. I'd use it everyday as well.

    Also I checked with my SA the Hobo (large) is also available to order in mahogany as well as red, black and white.
  15. ^^Nice options! I did really fall for the black though, but I didn't see the other colors so..