oh my goodness! i really am a "FENDILUVA"

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  1. during a usual evening shopping on fifth avenue i walked into of course my favorite store, Fendi. I was loving the new baguettes and looked at about 20 or so and bought 9! i spent almost 18 grand in fendi im feeling so guilty and thank god i just got a raise for the holidays. I think i should return some, or maybe a little more than just some. Im out of my mind!!!......... this no more fendi bags for a long, long time please tell me that im not the only one who does this please tell me that there is more than one
  2. LOL! Did you enjoy yourself whilst in Fendi? Did you not buy them just to buy them, but do you genuinely LOVE your bags? Heck, even if they were "retail therapy" purchases, at the end of the day, do YOU love 'em and know you're gonna use 'em sooner or later? Hey, even if ya don't, you can always sell 'em on eBay. Life's too short, ENJOY YOUR FENDI's!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you work hard and you deserve to treat yourself. I truly, from the bottom of my heart believe that God put us here to enjoy all that the world has to offer (as long as we aren't hurting ourselves or anyone else) and He inspired someone to create all these beautiful bags... Hey, I'll say it again, enjoy your Fendi's, darlin'!:yes:
  3. Hi, Fendiluva as long as you enjoy yourself and can afford it go for it. Congrats.....
    Remember new season bags out next month including new spys...
  4. thanks guys! making me feel better
  5. Sorry, I have never done it :shrugs:

    Maybe I am just not so fortunate?!

    But if you bought them all, I don't see why you would return a good number? Kind of bad in my opinion to have many returns from buyers remorse. But that is just me :shame:
  6. Sorry I've never done anything like that either.

    But, wow, I'd love to see pics of all the baguettes you bought! Please post pics!
  7. Just enjoy them and stop second guessing yourself and I'm with Pewter, pics pics pics! :yes:
  8. WOW! I say enjoy them all and please, post pics! I would love to have a shopping day like that... you lucky girl;)
  9. i will post pics soon ladies! most definately i have to go to a friends though i dont have a scanner
  10. Wow, that is one serious shopping trip! :nuts: I'd loooove to see pics, it sounds like you bought some cute bags. Baguettes are adorable.
  11. 18 grand in one day? My fiance would have a heart attack.

    Enjoy and let's see some pics
  12. Wow....definitely never spent that much in a day! But congrats to you and your new purchases! If they're all significantly different enough from each other and you love them all, then I say keep them. If not, then I would suggest looking at each one and figuring out which to take back. That's a lot of Fendi baguettes! Can't wait to see pics either way and congrats on what must have been a super fun shopping day for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ladies sadly i returned the baguettes it was tough but it was nessacary i needed to use that money to give for the holidays :smile: so maybe me returning them will bring them back to me as a gift! i was so embarrased returning them though! i felt so strange returning 9 bags! ouch! but i will live through it... and many more purchases will be in the future
  14. u retured all 9? why? i figured u woudl keep at leasst one
  15. baby boo i realized i didnt really need all of them i have enough and need to be saving my money for rent lol
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