Oh My Goodness I Just Bought My Holy Grail!!!!!!!!

  1. i have ALWAYS wanted an 05 turquoise, but it seems like everytime one came around i was too late to get it or it was so terribly expensive that i could not rationalize buying it. but i got a heads up from patricia (stylefly here on tPF) about an 05 turquoise twiggy and i bought it!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i had long since thought it wasn't meant to be but i finally got it and it will be here this coming week!!! YAY!!!!!
  2. congrats, that is such an amazing color!!! can't wait to see pics.
    isn't it a great feeling, getting the HG???? a warning - you will now have to fill that void with another HG...
  3. unfortunetely for me my wallet won't let me add another HG at the moment.. hehe between my ink box i just bought and this i will be done for a little while
  4. :nuts: :tup: :yahoo:

    Congrats, marie!!! That is a much-sought after color!! I see that you're expecting a magenta, too. Your collection will be gorgeous!!! :heart: :smile:
  5. Yay, congrats!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    05 Turq is such a gorgeous, saturated color:heart:

    Make sure you post pics when you receive her!:tup:
  6. Ooh lucky you!!

  7. oh trust me there will be many pictures! hehe :yes:
    tPF has been such a bad influence on me lol
  8. :tup:
    05 Turquoise is a stunning color, and you won't be disappointed! My breath caught when I only saw a glimpse of the leather and color when I opened the box with my first Turquoise. Congratulations on scoring your HG! And make sure to share photos when it arrives!
  9. Wow! You are so fortunate! Can't wait to see pics...
  10. Congrat!
    Can't wait to see pics!
    05 Turquoise is also my HG so I am in so much anticipation for the arrival of your gorgeous twiggy! :drool:
  11. Congratulations! I am glad you like the 05 turquoise. I used to have a First in this colour, but found that I preferred the 07 aquamarine. But the 05 leathers are TDF!
  12. That's a great find!!! I'm so glad I found a 05 turq First this spring thanks to a lovely PFer as well! Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats I love it when somebody finds their HG and at a reasonnably priced is even better!
  14. WOW Marie83 :nuts: you lucky girl :yahoo: I'm so happy you found your HG - the '05 turquoise is breathtaking, I have it in a beautiful city - but I'm looking to find my HG: the work in this color ! It's so hard to find .... but we all can see: to never loos hope and staying patient ;) !
    Can't wait to see your pics :yes:

    (stylefly is such a sweety :heart:, I know!)
  15. congrats! can't wait to see your pics!