Oh my goodness, girls! You will not believe what happened today!

  1. I wrote yesterday about my Ergo not being the right size and having a stitch ripped out, so my grandparents offered to drive me up to Christiana Mall in Delaware to exchange it for the medium (thanks for all your advice, btw).

    So, I'm getting ready to go out around 10:30 when my phone rings. I picked it up and it was my best friend...and what she asked me just made my heart stop "My dad has a job opening and he'd like you to have it"...her dad's the head honcho at a nearby hospital and he has a job opening for an ITR person. Get this...I havent even graduated college yet!!! He said I can go for an interview and start immediately if I do get the job, they'll work around my school schedule. It starts at 30,000. You know what that means, don't you? Of course you do! MORE COACH!!! I've been so down lately because I've had no money and now hopefully that'll be changing for me. Of course I have over 40,000 in school loans but it's just so great to know that I won't be in a bind when it comes to looking for a job. Then again, I'm a little scared because I'm not a genius with computers or anything. I basically have to walk around the whole hospital and assist people with their computer problems.

    ...I go to school for TV production. LOL! Hopefully it's something I can be trained at because I don't want to look stupid and have people yelling at me.

    SO, after I get off the phone with her, I'm in a totally euphoric mood. :yahoo:My grandparents come and pick me up, and it's off to the mall to exchange my bag. Get in there, and am TOTALLY ignored by the SA's. I mean, I had to say hi to them first. I told the one that I had a bag on hold and she brought it out. I'm asking questions to my grandmother that the SA's could have chimed in with answering since they're supposed to know more about the bags than I do...and nothing. I was basically in the dark the whole time. When I went to the King of Prussia store, there was one SA that stayed with me the whole time and told me the pro's and con's of the bag I wanted and answered any questions I had. I was NOT the only one in the store that time, it was packed and she still had her full attention on me. In this store, I was the only one and they acted as though I was not there.

    I went to exchange the bag at the counter and the girl gave me a cocky attitude because they did not include a receipt in my shipped order. I only had the computer printout, not the actual receipt. Sorry girlfriend, they didn't give me a receipt this time. Your fault, not mine. I asked her if she could refund my shipping price since she told me they DO NOT CHARGE SHIPPING FOR PHONE ORDERS. That was a no go. She wouldn't do it for me. She was even rude to my grandmother when she tried to give her a compliment.

    I don't think I'll be going to that store again unless it's an extreme emergency.
  2. What Up with the RUDENESS!!!!! I can't believe this! My SAs are always so, so friendly, I just don't understand. This upsets me.

    BTW - congrats on the job!
  3. Next time, try and take the train to the Philly store (Walnut St.). The SAs there are usually really friend in person, though I've had problems with them over the phone.
  4. Also, congrats on the job! That's great!
  5. yeah! congrats!!
  6. OMG! That’s totally uncalled for. I wonder if Coach is trying to achieve some sort of "status" by trying to compete with the snootiness of other brands. Raising prices and bad customer service is not how you do it. :tdown:

    BTW, congrats on the job. :tup:
  7. :yahoo: Congratulations!!! That is great news about the job offer! - not so great news on the SA's attitude though. JEEEZ!!

    I agree with chakakhan - the Philly store is really nice (and they have SHOES too)!! :yes:

    I hope your interview goes well!
  8. What kills me is the people who work at Coach aren't millionaires. What gives THEM the right to treat anyone lower? They are just people, like all of us, working for a paycheck. Just because they work in a upscale store does not give them the right to pick and choose who they want to be nice too.

    The richest man I ever knew (Oil tycoon type in Texas) looked like the poorest person you could meet. He wore dirty jeans, a big old hat, dirty boots etc. He was a billionaire! You can NOT judge a book by it's cover.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!
  9. I am hearing these nightmare stories and feel guilty for the great experience I have regularly at the Coach Store in Southlake. I was there yesterday. I was the only one there and not only did I have 1 SA at my side the entire time, I had 4 SA's most of the time. We actually even chatted about tPF. One of the SA's had heard of tPF and was telling the others about it.

    I am so sorry this happen to you.Congrat's on the job, let us know how it goes....:tup:

  10. I was dressed up, too!! That's what kills me!! I don't look visually appalling or anything so I guess they were just snooty girls.

    I'm just so peeved, ladies! Thank you for your input on this!
  11. That is totally uncalled for! :tdown: This is just so dissapointing about Coach's CS lately! :sad: I can't even remember the last time I heard a good experience! But, congrats on the job! That's a great starting pay too! :yahoo:
  12. Oh I'm sorry I didn't meant to imply you looked horrible, that sounded horrible!

    I was just saying it shouldn't matter if your dressed up or down or are rich or this is the only bag you will ever buy you should be treated with respect!!!!

    Maybe they should go on commission!
  13. Oh no, I didn't get that impression at all!!! I totally understood the point you were trying to prove, don't even worry about it!
  14. Congratulations on your job offer...:party:

    Sorry about the rude SA, seems to be a common theme right now.
  15. I was just at the Deleware store yesterday, and they were lukewarm. But my persistence paid off. I kept asking questions, and when they finally realized I was going to make a purchase, they suddenly became friendly and accomodating. I was able to use PCE, even though I didn't have a card, and I wanted to exchange a bag which I had to go out to the car and retrieve, and no problem.

    The only other time I was there, the SA was reticent initially, but warmed up when she realized I was going to make a big purchase. I just chalk it up to "not looking the part" in my case, but I don't care. that's the neat thing about hitting the big 5-0, you no longer care what other people think!