OH MY GODDESS (of war)!!!!

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  1. I got a call from my favourite Toronto SA yesterday about a pair of shoes I've been thinking about non-stop. She told me they were fresh off the boat, just arrived less than 5 hours and only a shipment in one of my size was available!!

    Ever since I began my CL journey, I've been hoping to buy Canadian. It wasn't until now that I was able to do that.
    I was so excited to make my first Canadian purchase. My SA and the staff at the Toronto Boutique were so so so incredible. Despite it being a busy time, they were so warm and welcoming. I even came home with a few treats!!

    No mod shots yet because it is nighttime here (and I'm in need of a pedi first :lol:). But stay tuned to my collection thread for mod pics later!

    SO! Without further ado, from the heavens, the Goddess of War herself!

    ATHENA ALTA 100mm in Ponyhair, Specchio and Patent Leather!! :yahoo:

    ** Size recommendation. FULL SIZE DOWN. I am typically a 36, my Old Pigalle sizing was 35, I took a 35 in the Athena.

    I spent a great deal of time debating between this colourway or the roccia python. In the end, there is just something about ponyhair and gold that I could not resist!!


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  2. Those are gorgeous!!!! Are they comfortable ??
  3. Congrats Nolia!! Can't wait for your mod pix - they're always spectacular :biggrin:
  4. Congrats!! I really like that combo :biggrin:

    And what's in the little box, a keychain or is there something new we should be looking out for haha?
  5. Stunning, those are incredible!! Can't wait to see them on you!!
  6. Stunning!!!
  7. You got them!!!! They are spectacular!!! Can't wait for those mod shots.
  8. Beautiful shoes, Nolia!! Congrats!! :smile:
  9. Thanks hun! I will post them once I give my legs some attention hahah. I've been getting lazy in the winter. :lol:

    A keychain!! =)

    :ty: It's been a while since Msr. L. has released something that got my heart pitter-pattering. And these are only 100mm!! I am absolutely FLOORED. :giggles:
  10. Wow! These didn't grab my attention just from stock photos, but even that little shot of you wearing them in the boutique is stunning!! They look fabulous on!

    Congrats on buying Canadian! I'm dyying for a reason to go to the east coast and visit our monumental first Canadian boutique!
    Also, do you mind sharing your SA? I'd like to touch base with someone at the Toronto boutique to see if they can hunt down some things for me :smile:
  11. I haven't worn them for a sustained time yet, but from walking a little around the boutique, the heel high and pitch seem very comfortable. The only part that may give me trouble is the gold part (toe strap). I'm hoping that might stretch out a bit.

    Thank you!
    Don't get too excited about the actual boutique, it's teeeeeny tiny, but the people there are lovely. Sending you a PM!
  12. Those are super cute! I can't wait to see the model pics
  13. Hey you got them, very nice! My wife loves them too as you know allready and I really hope they will be comfortable.
  14. Wow, I love these! Congrats dear, they're stunning! :woohoo:
  15. Gorgeous!!!

    Any intel on the roccia python? :graucho: