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  1. Between Net a porter...and puppies that need help...Im overwhelmed!!! WHY are the advertisments SOOOOO big...YIKES.
  2. Come On....no One Else Noticed This?????
  3. I have donated to the puppies/cats in need....and I have NOT bought from net a porter...how about you?
  4. Yeah, these banners are ginormous. What gives? Esp. the huge NAP square ads. Very distracting.

    BTW -- If Vlad and Megs wanted to, say, offer a ad-free subscription system (like, say, $5 per month) I'd be willing to do that so as to avoid seeing huge ads.
  5. Im so so so so NOT *****ing ...but man they are huge!!! I would pay whatever...that is never a question...I was just shocked at how big they have become!!
  6. aren't they only up for a short time...I think till the 24th before these puppies get euthanized(sp?) so i think the reason why they are so big is to get attention and hopefull get these puppies saved..
  7. OH....well like I said...I am not saying they are BAd...just BIG!! I am not wishing any death on any pups or kitties...it was a observation only.
  8. The puppy/kitty ad just went up... it will be up for a day or two to help some animals in need.

    The NAP ads we are working with still. We try to keep ads up to help us maintain this site- it is quite pricey. Thanks for the money offer, but right now we are just trying to keep it all free :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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