oh. my. god.

  1. my scarf print hobo came in the mail the other day, and i was so excited to have it.

    this weekend i was staying with a friend who smokes insider her apartment, so i put my bag in the dustbag at night, because i hate the smell of smoke on my clothes and purses.

    when i was driving home today, i threw a red uniball pen inside the dustbag, which my bag was still inside.

    when i got home today, i found the bag had a red stain on the bottom where the pen had leaked onto the fabric. i'm guessing the cap wasn't on all the way and it came off.

    i'm absolutely devasted. it's on one side though, so i can just wear the bag the opposite way, because i'm sure there's no way to clean this.
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this, I would be devastated as well. There might still be a way to clean it. You should call COACH just in case. Good luck!
  3. Oh that is my WORST nightmare! When I got a stain my weekender bag I took it to my local dry cleaners (on recomendation from my Coach SA). They put a solution on it that removed the stain immediately. It was a white stain that I had already tried removing with every cleaning solution in my house. I was convinced it was a bleach stain (on the black strap). The fantastic thing was that the dry cleaner did it free of charge. I definately recommend checking one out in your area!
  4. yeah, i guess i will try the drycleaner, i'm just worried about the bag getting ruined even more...
  5. OMG thats horrible! I probably would have cried!!! I would def. try a drycleaner, good luck and keep us posted!!!
  6. I'm so sorry this happened hilaryautomatica! I hope the cleaners can do something.
  7. Oh, I would absolutely try to get it cleaned off by a professional, I think it's worth the risk. Coach uses pretty resilient materials, I think a cleaning wouldn't damage it. I can't believe this happened to you, though, so devastating. What a buzzkill!
  8. That is terrible, I am so sorry. I hope a dry cleaner can help.

    I am beginning to think I should never put a pen anywhere near, muchless within a handbag. Peggy
  9. Gosh, that is so awful, I'm sorry it happened!! Hope you can get it cleaned. I would try, good luck!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh no honey!!! :cry: I hope you can get the stain out!!!
  11. Ahhh! Let us know how the drycleaning goes! I always keep my pens in a plastic bag because I'm terrified of stains.