oh. my. god.

  1. so i went into my local coach store today, trying to track down the infamous green zebra wristlet.


    so i go straight to the manager of the store, and ask her if the US is ever supposed to receive it?
    she said, "what....there is no zebra wristlet. here is the wristlet that is supposed to go with the bag though."
    and she points out the bleeker leather wristlet in grass.


    right. no. that does not match the zebra tote. what are you TALKING about, woman?
    so i said, "no. it is a wristlet that EXACTLY matches the bag. it has the stripe and everything."
    so she was like, "where did you see this, exactly?"
    and so i was like, "its on the drilldown and its on the japan site. i just figured it would come out with the other zebra stripe items."
    she looked at me and said, "oh, well then.", kindof snotty like, which pissed me off a little.
    she then proceeded to tell me that THERE IS NO JAPAN SITE!??!?!?!

    at this point i was furious, obviously, since i KNEW i was right, and she was basically calling me a liar!
    so i knew that in their counter they have a computer which can access coach.com, so i told her to look up the homepage, then go to the bottom right hand corner and click on the japanese symbol.
    well, she looked at me like i was a total bi*ch, she went and tried, but said the page "kept coming up as unavailable." yeah, right.
    she had too big of an ego to admit that an 18 year old girl knew more about the product than the MANAGER.

    so when we walk out, me pissed because this woman was obnoxious to me,
    my boyfriend leaned over and kissed me and said, "maybe you should be the manager, since she doesn't even know her stuff!"
    and that made me giggle a little. :p
  2. They think that because they work there they know everything , sorry you went thru that.
  3. UGG.. That is so annoying! I am so sorry you had to deal with that. So rude...
  4. Unbelievable. I'm sorry you had to deal with that :tdown:
  5. Ewww what a beotch! I think we should all open our own Coach store because obviously we are smarter than some of the Coach employees out there. I would bring in the style number and just tell them to order it. Sorry you went through that! Just tell her she stinks and she shouldn't be working for Coach if she doesn't know what she is selling! Ehhh
  6. i LOVE this idea!
    too bad we're completley scattered across the world or i'd totally want to get in on this. :nuts:
  7. Ehhh we will all just meet in the middle somewhere...lol Well I would love to work in Coach but I work too much as it is and back to school is coming up very soon. Maybe over the summer I will work there. Hmmmm thats an idea!
  8. Wow. Manager huh? Lol.
  9. Me being the beotch that I am I would have went home went to the japan site printed out the picture of the wristlet brought it back to the store shoved it in her face than ask to speak with someone who actually knows their job, but again thats just me:angel:
  10. HAHA good idea! You would think the women working at Coach would know the products!
  11. I am very sorry that she was so rude to you, but the japan site does come up unavailable for them. I was getting helped by a really nice SA and she pulled out a tablet computer and I told her about the japan site, which she didn't know about either, and It was coming up unavailable for us. I always try to come in with an item number for what I am looking for so there is no confusion.. they always want to know where I got the item numbers, LOL!
  12. how do you expect a SA to know what's only available in Japan as well as the states? [serious question] It sounds like she didn't know and the best thing to do is to kill her with kindness, go print it out, get the style number, then go back to show her and inform her. You people really blow my mind some times about this stuff. No one is perfect and can know everything. Hell, I didn't even know this existed until I opened this thread. Sheesh. /rant now back to your regular programing
  13. The thing is, it's not even an issue that she didn't know the wristlet existed...it was the ATTITUDE.

    You can't expect them to know EVERYTHING especially stuff that's out in Japan but not here, I mean it's their job, not their obsession :shrugs:

    She sounds like she was being rude, though.
  14. I wasn't arguing the attitude.
  15. And I wasn't even replying to what you said? I agree with you about people freaking out if an SA doesn't know about the product, but I think the point is the attitude combined with the not-knowing is what makes it more frustrating.