Oh My God!

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  1. I'd love to know what he was smoking when he designed these things for the 2008 spring shoe line :wtf:.Be honest gals would you buy and wear a shoe such as this?
    Just looking at them makes me feel as though I'm walking every which way but upright :roflmfao:.
  2. I HEARD HE WAS GOING TO MAKE THE HEEL IN THE FRONT IN 2008!!!!!.. i had no idea what that meant!!!!! i mean, it is something new/visionary... but could you imagine trying to walk on those??
  3. I like a lot of the stuff that Marc Jacobs designs, but I would never wear this shoe. Everyone would think i was crazy. And there's just no way i could keep my balance in them.
  4. What the :wtf: They make me feel like I am looking at the pic sideways and I need to turn my head to see it correctly :lol: I wonder who the first celeb to sport those beauties will be :nuts:
  5. That Is One Weird Shoe!!!
  6. I think i like the concept but i just dont see these as practical in any way!
  7. United Nude makes shoes kinda like these. I've never understood it.
  8. Yeah I think its a very unique idea but i couldn't see myself wearing those.

    How can the back part of your foot stay upright without the heel in the back??
  9. I actually don't think these would be that much harder to walk in than a shoe with a regularly placed heel.
  10. I love MJ.... but I wouldn't wear these.
  11. ROFL....sigh.....someone was smokin sumthin funny when they created these...heehee
  12. Yikes! How is the heel supported? Is there a metal support built into the sole? I'd love to try these on in person, just for the fun of it. I couldn't see them being very practical, though.
  13. It makes my ankles hurt just looking at these shoes.
  14. Ok this is just stupid!
  15. I couldn't agree more :roflmfao:.