OH MY GOD!! You guys are NOT gonna believe this............

  1. I am so freaking excited right now. Fedex just came to my house and OMG, OMG, OMG!! I seriously am jumping up and down!! Give me a sec and I'll post a pic of what I'm freaking out about!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. crap, gotta restart my comp, can't get it to recognise the sd card so I can upload the pics. Hold on a sec.
  3. ok holy crap! Ok so some of you know that I got the vintage ergo magazine tote for pce and alot of you commented on how pretty it was. Well I am the OCD type of person who has to have a matching wallet. So I was on a quest to find one and I ordered two of them that I thought might go.

    Here is the tote:

  4. Dang gir! You know Im a wallet fanatic too. HURRY I NNNEEED PICS!!!
  5. tobacco.jpg
  6. ok now for the part I'm freaking out about!!
  7. Freakin perfect!!! :tup: I:heart:it!!!:drool:
  8. alot of you know that I started a thread about a limited edition wallet that's on the japanese website.


    Well I called 888 and was told that the wallet was only available in brass/khaki/mahogany and that it was not the same one featured on the japan site. I also saw this wallet at the DFS Galleria in Waikiki two weeks ago when I was on vacation and they were selling it for $348 which I would NEVER pay that much for a wallet, even though it's limited edition. So I called my SA and said go ahead and just order me the mahogany one and we'll see if it matches when I get it.

    Well today I got it and guess what they sent me????

  9. I looooooove this!
  10. so this is what I got, what do you guys think??

    It was only $268 us price and then 25% off for pce so it cost me $201 + tax instead of hawaii's jacked up price of $348!!!



    pink1.jpg pink2.jpg pink3.jpg
  11. :party: :shame::girlsigh::woohoo::drool:
  12. gorgeous!
  13. congrats!!! the bag and wallet are both BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL
  14. Looks fabulous together!!!!! You called JAX and ordered that? I want one!
  15. wow.. you got a great deal!!! :tup: I LOVE pink and that wallet is hot! You go girl!!!! :yes: