oh my GOD what happened to me tonight!!!!!

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  1. Ok well i went out with my mate for a meal before she has her baby and we thought we missed our bus to liverpool so my dad gave us a lift to the train station. Walkin down the steps this pissed woman starts talkin to herself n comes up right behind me, i thought she was going to mug me because of my gucci or something but she was later going to shout abuse at me.

    When we get to the bottom of the steps i notice somebody about 100 yards away and his mate turns round... YES its matt and andy from work thank GOD for that. so we go over and chat to them until this piss head starts throwing abuse at me... YOU GO NEAR MY EFFIN MAN AND ILL EFFIN KILL YA YOU CHEEKY WHORE... C'MON THEN LETS AV IT AND NO LETTIN THE LADS HELP YA CHEEKY *****... YOUR A RIGHT FAT OBEASE COW... LOOK AT YOUR ASS (im fatish but not fat and i dont have an arse! its just not there)... STATE OF YOUR PANTS THEYRE F***IN BLACK!!! (meaning the bottom where theyre SLIGHTY ripped from the ground (petit) EY LADS LOOK AT THE STATE OF HER PANTS, SHOW THEM YOUR PANTS YA SLAG you get it... etc...

    well it was scary yer but also amusing and i knew no harm would come to me because i know these lads quite well especially matt who i work with every week and i reeeeeeeeeally like him :graucho: but anyways... he was muttering everything she was saying back to me so i was laughing and she was still shouting abuse (as above)

    We get on the train and she still shouts it but not that much until she gets off when shes starting again and people are like omg love u ok? and im like yer but were used to it by now lol

    anyways we get off and say tra to the lads and go for our meal. After our meal we (i) go for a beer in the bar (both of us go but she cant drink for obv reasons) and these two pissed lads come up to us and are tryin to chat us up but no way are they havin my number so i decline and we find a reason to leave after about 30 mins!

    Thank GOD my night is over, it was a laugh and hillarious but **** scary too... and i wont hear the end of it in work tomorrow, everybody will know too lol but i can laugh about it because i know no harm would have come to me with the lads there...

    thought id share it with you all... and for the record im unharmed lol
  2. Ouch, care in the community much...?;)

    Upside is, you're not in her hostile, selfish, aggressive self-created hell.:smile:

  3. Oh my god, that woman seemed very unplesant.. But ofcourse, it's good that the night turned out better eventually and that you had a good time :smile:
  4. Wacky!
    Yeah, there are a lot of crazy people in train stations. glad you're ok!
  5. yer it was a horrible exerience but turned humerous like something we'll joke about in work because the lads were there. I mean if they wernt there i would have been so scared and worried and probably gone and waited outside the train station just so i wasnt near her but by luck they were there and i know them pretty well and theyre sound so all was well in the end! urgh ive gotta tell them about the disgustin lads tomorrow now lol
  6. Crazy!!
    I really enjoyed reading your account. I used the terrible "British" accent that's in my head.
  7. Thank Robbie you're OK, gucci_girl! Maybe she's an Everton supporter? :smile:
  8. LOL me tooooo!!:lol:

    That was a good story, and I'm glad you are okay and she wasn't totally psychotic!!
  9. Me too (hee-hee!). I just read this to my husband and he's like, "Cheeky? What's that?!". "Slag? What in the heck does that mean?". I can't help him. I have no idea. But it sure was intriguing to read!

    Can someone please explain "cheeky" and "slag"? May as well have a clue as to what I just read and I just may want to start using those terms as part of my every day vocabulary. LOL!

    Glad she got away from that quack! Quack = nutcase. If you don't know.:P
  10. haha i read it in my "bristish" inside voice...i have ALWAYS wanted that accent.

    back to the topic: sorry that crazy crazy lady bothered you. good thing you are not hurt!
  11. cheeky = rude, fresh
    slag = whorish girl
  12. I couldn't read what she wrote:shrugs: . Can anyone translate it for me please:flowers:. I am not used to English dialect:shrugs:
  13. Im so sorry, that is just awful.
  14. eek, psycho lady. glad nothing came of it, hun.
  15. sorry for anybody who cant stand the way i write im from liverpool if anybody has ever heard the accent then you will understand why i cant write properly.
    yer im glad i got away too but im soo glad the lads i knew where there by chance otherwise i would have been very very scared indeed and probable called my dad back to come pick me up lol