Oh My God! The most beautiful Birkin spotted, what wasthat colour?Was that YOU?

  1. This is my first post in Hermes forum but I just had to share my impressions. I was walking around Sloane Square in London and near the Spanish embassy I noticed a short skinny otherwise unramrkable woman with the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. And while I see a lot of Birkins in this area, this one outshines all of them. It was like a purse equivalent of seeing Virgin Mary, literally, I just stood there with my mouth open with literally this :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: expression when she passed me by, I was so transfixed bu that bag. It was an average size Birki, with just the most wonderful exquisite navy blue colour. It was very dark, just on the verge of violet but it just looked so royal, like it was shining from within. It had a shiny unspoiled palladium hardware, the woman had it sort of open a little, so it looked quite relaxed, but stilll, it was like the queen of all bags in the world. I tried to search for that colour in the forum but couldn't find it. Maybe one of you, is a lucky owner? :heart: This would be an impossible dream for me right now, but I'm thinking of finding a picture of that Bag and put it as my wallpaper. It will be un ultimate motivator! :yes:
  2. Wasn't me. Sorry...anyone else?
  3. Wasn't me either, but what color could that be? Could be box leather, but what color?
    Next time it happens, don't be shy, just stop the lady and ask her what it is:yes:
  4. Could it be indigo? Or bleu brighton?

    Nope, not me. But I'm not sure I'd want to own up to being short, skinny and otherwise unremarkable! LOL!! :p
  5. I'd love to own that birking but I must agree--not at the cost of being labeled "unremarkable"!:p
  6. Gosh, I thought of brighton blue as soon as I read that post.
  7. Maybe she meant unremarkable when compared to the beauty of that birkin?
  8. :roflmfao: I agree, I would not own up even if it was me.....
  9. Mozzarella said the lady was skinny. That's enough of a compliment in my book. :p

    Sounds like bleu roi to me.
  10. I was just kidding. :smile:

    Skinny would definitely be a welcome compliment. ;)
  11. Well, skinny ruled me out...even if I had been in London! Too funny!
  12. Oh no, guys! :shrugs: English is not my native language, does "unremarkable" have negative connotations to you? I just meant to say, the woman didn't really stand out with the rest of her outfit - i think she was wearing some sort of white smock top, jeans and black flats. Messy bun, large sunglasses - very Sloane-ish. I didn't really pay attention what her face was like, I had this tunnel vision with the shiny navy Birkin in the end of it :nuts:
  13. well i havent been to london and defintely dont have a birkin or skinny
  14. lol..don't worry about it mozzarella :smile: happens from time to time. just the nature of an international board :smile:

    sounds stunning - i had that reaction to a thalassa blue birkin i once saw...this one sounds like it might have been indigo, if it had violet undertones? so hard to say, though it sounds stunning! :smile:

    and, for what it's worth, i'd have NO problem with someone describing me as skinny and otherwise unremarkable if it meant i had that birkin!
  15. We are just teasing! Sounds like indigo to me...but could it have been BB?
    Here is mine (yes any reason to post a picture, I'll take!)
    hermes 008_1.jpg