OH my god please help!

  1. I am a man. My best friend in the world got her Coach wristlet stolen on her birthday. We were out having a good time, and I may have even saw the guy that swiped it. She adores this purse, and I want so badly to replace it for her, but I have struck out at every turn. It was a red, quilted wristlet, that was made out of cloth and not leather. I am trying to find the item number, in hopes of replacing it for her. Thus far, after hours of scouring the internet, I have not even been able to find a picture of this purse, and I would greatly appreciate ANY help whatsoever. You guys seem to be the most knowledgeable community that I have found, and I pray that you can help. Thank you in advance.
  2. hmm, was it bright red? Was it quilted in squares or did it have another pattern?
  3. Was it a purse, large. Or small, wristlet?
  4. I don't have any help but just wanted to say you are a great friend. :tup:
  5. what great friend, maybe it was the quilted line? But I never saw the wristlets, let me look around and Ill let you know if i find anything :smile:
  6. Thank you guys so much for your initial responses. The wrislet was very similar to the one that vanojr9 found on eBay. The one I am looking for was made out of that same material, but it did not have a pocket on the front and it was bright red. This is the first glimmer of hope I have had since the beginning.
  7. ^^ Wow, what a resourceful guy!! Bless you for tracking this down for your friend...what a nightmare getting it stolen.

    Good luck!!
  8. You're a great friend! If you can't find the exact one and you purchase the similar one that "vanojr9", showed in red, your friend would be so pleased & Thankful for all of the energy you've put into this for her!!!
  9. You are a great friend! Everyone should be so lucky to have such a sweet. thoughtful person in their life. Good luck on your quest!