Oh My God!!! Oh My God!!!

  1. Ok so I told my best friend (who is a guy and does not really understand my obession with Coach but listens anyways) that I really liked the Chelsea Leather Satchel, matching wristlet and mini skinny in Parchment (even showed pics) but put off getting it cause I could not get it all with the money given by my parents. This was yesterday. So I got an email this morning entitled surprise and in it was this:

    "These are waiting for you at your Coach store. Thank you for being there when I needed you and never giving up on me. And you cant say no they are paid for and if you dont pick them up this week they are calling and I will have it sent to you. "

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    falllove.jpg 40797_B4PH_c.jpg 40605_B4PH_c.jpg
  2. Wow what a wonderful gesture! Congrats
  3. Wow, what a great friend! Quick, pick them up!
  4. Yeah! I then called him and attempted to tell him why it was too much and he did not need to do it but every time I started he would say "I'm not listening....lalalalala". When I asked him to stop that he said it is what I would do to him when he told me I did not need to stop everything and come help him or stay up till 3am talking etc so no. He can be stubborn.

    Should I keep it and stop feeling gulity or return it and give him back his money?

    He told me not to be guilty, he can afford it and it was his choice but I do alittle, just me I guess. I dont like being thanked for something that I wanted to do and should do as his friend.
  5. That is so sweet! I'm a true believer in "What goes around comes around" and it's so nice that your kindness is "coming around" to you in Coach! Enjoy them!
  6. Wow! What a thoughtful friend. Please give him a HUGE hug from me. That's the kind of goodness you want to spread around.

    ...now , go pick up your goodies and post modeling pics! :smile:
  7. wow.. what a friend!! I think if you already tried to tell him it was too much, he is giving you a gift.. returning it would probably insult him. I would accept them now, but that is a lOT!! wowwwww
  8. yeah baby!! :tup::yahoo::graucho:
  9. I just read your last post. I understand completely how you feel, but know that this gesture is probably making him feel very good, so accept it and continue to be there for him in the future. I've been on both the receiving and giving end of the expensive gift and as the giver, the cost was always outweighed by what I felt for the person I was giving it to.

    Seriously, enjoy them.
  10. Accept the gift, and thank him. Just return the kindness in the future (which I'm sure you will). Maybe take him out to enjoy your new goodies?
  11. yeah...i dont want to insult him and although he knows that would not be my intention he will use that to his benefit (while being nice so that I can not say he is being a %$$).

    Ok, I will accept it this time but I told him not to do it in the future. Of course his reply was "ok, then I will make sure to sneak it in at bday and christmas".

    You guys are very right, he is a great friend and we have known each other a long time which is why I feel a thank you was not needed but it does make me feel good to know it meant this much to him.
  12. i belive miss manners would tell you to politely refuse the gift once. If he still insists, you keep it :smile:

    So looks like you have some new stuff :smile:
  13. That's awesome!! I really like this combination!! Can't wait to see your pics!! :yahoo:
  14. Awesome. Very lucky girl. Enjoy and don't feel guilty!!
  15. Hmmm are you taken Is he taken? e would be one heck of a catch...a man that listens and especially listens about Coach!! And then goes and buys it...That is truly awesome of him.