1. This must be the best LV cup range yet, and what also amazes me is the prices of the collection. O.o

    I don't really know what to get yet, if any, but I'm not so fond of the bags but the accessoires are pretty cool and "raw". It's a much tougher style than most LV!

    New sunglasses that do not look like goggles too, a new pendant (might be a bit weird to wear if you're not attending though), and lots of other stuff!

    This line is definetly something for DHes all over ;) as it's really practical, but oh so limited!

    Please someone who can print screen post pictures! The movie is in the LV page. ^_^
  2. I put my name down on 4 things already :smile:
  3. I waitlisted for a pouch thingy...
    I need to get some LV cup sunglasses for when I go running my prescription transition glasses fell wille running on sun and scratched I felt like such a dork...
  4. I waitlisted but I dont like it so Im off :smile:
  5. go into the catalogue mens section and they are all there
  6. I don't like them...:sad: Maybe small leather goods...
  7. I like them- trying to convince DH he neesd something from this line
  8. There's tons of it on elux right now if you check the new arrivals. Been there a few days already. Not sure how fast it will sell out tho? I've never bought anything from that line but I do like the stuff. My DH does too but he's not fond of cloth stuff.

    I love the front emblem.

  9. You should tell him that these are probably a lot easier to take care of than leather as they are water repellant and supposed to be used at the sea in a l l kinds of weather.

    The coolest of the sunnies are missing on elux. =(
  10. I wish I had a big boutique, or ANY boutique close. My closest is 120 miles away.
    I tried talking him into it since he abuses my keepalls at the gym. Cloth would be so much better for wet and dirty clothes and towels. Tho it seems kinda sacreligious to even put ANY of that in LV! lol ...Uggh.
  11. my bf likes it. but he never likes the price!
    he LOVED the previous collection, the ski inspired ones (that all cost 4G.) and needless to say he never got one!