Oh my god I'm in love!

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  1. Hey all.....I am kind of new to Burberry - I usually hang out over at LV. Anyway, I absolutely adore Burberry - in fact my everyday wallet is Burberry and I have some accessories. I just went on to the website to check out what's new (I am thinking ahead for Christmas presents!) and saw the Housecheck Baby Beaton bag and almost fell off my chair - it's so gorgeous! Does anyone have this bag? I am not a big bag girl so I am pretty sure it's a good size for me. I will probably try to get to Burberry to play with it a little. Here is the pic from the website........
  2. hey! i think the beaton is absolutely gorgeous!! if you are looking for something more structured, look for the manor! its my ideal bag!! =D! i dont own one.. yet... but i've seen the beaton IRL and its really nice!
  3. My BF just got me the Baby Beaton in Housecheck! It's absolutely adorable! It's much larger than it sounds too. Definitely bigger than the Baby Manor. I'm 5'5" and 117 lbs, and it doesn't look too small or big on me. I think it's my perfect bag! It's got 3 compartments inside: 2 open (one has a zippered pocket on one side), and one zipped compartment in the middle for your valuables. It's really a wonderful bag. Definitely go play with it in the store! FYI - I live in Hawaii and our store didn't carry the Housecheck, so we had to order it.
  4. That is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time! If you end up getting it please post pictures!
  5. I do love that bag!! Did you see the new colors: lime and red for the classic nova check?
  6. ooh, i love this bag!
  7. Excellent choice- the Beaton is lovely!
  8. i like it
  9. Love this bag.
  10. I have the baby beaton in choco and it is adorable. Been carrying it for a month or so now.
  11. OMG!! Not even 10 seconds ago I was on the burberry website and I saw this bag. I fell immediately in love and I'm not into burberry lreally, but this is too adorable!!
  12. Normally a Mulberry type of gal, but that is GORGEOUS!!!! Fab idea for a Christmas present,but could you wait that long for that lovely thing!!!????
  13. Just stalking you to tell you that I love your avatar - Bow chicka bow bow!