oh my god..i need him.

I love him too and have been screaming his praises every chance I get as not very many people have heard of him...until tonight he was on Entertainment Tonight and Dancing With The Stars, he was on letterman last week. I have all of his albums, and I am going to see him in Tulsa in March!!!!! He is so cool he is hot and his concerts are selling out everywhere in less than an hour! I only wish that I would have gotten great seats and that I would have bought tickets for the following night in Oklahoma City, but hubby doesn't get it and oh gosh he is soooo dreamy.

More news he broke up recently with his finance and long time girlfriend sooooo he is single. He is so down to earth, charming, funny, very family oriented and so humble! It is nice to listen to something so different and classy too.

He stared in a B movie called Totally Blonde, that is where I actually first saw him and fell in love.