oh my god..i need him.

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  1. oh my god i am watching michael buble..and I think I am going to have an orgasm just listening to him...I LOVE HIM!....sorrry I know you so didnt need to read that,...but I think he is beautiful!!
  2. Pics pls!!! :biggrin:
  3. hahahaha! I think he's so cheezy in a wonderful way!
  4. okay..now that i am a lil mroe calm..I think he is adorable..so my type..but it his voice that is amazing to me..so once i find the pic...ya may not think he is "beautoful" per se haha
  5. hehe well I want to see anyway, I'm curious!
  6. He's adorable! Very Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick Jr-ish!
  7. haha you got it...cheesy in such a sexy cute kinna way..mmmmm...did i just say on A FORUM that i was going to have an orgasm LOL
  8. He looks kind of like my X in the first picture :lol: Probably why I can't think hes cute now :sad:
  9. HAHA NORIKO..I will let ya slide for that reason alone
  10. lol i totally agree with you jap! i loooove him he is so adorable and his voice definitely makes me melt and here i thought i was the only one!
  11. okay by the way..I have to get that red burberry purse that is on sale now..i cant wait any longer..I have been convinced by marspalm
  12. oh no girl, we are in it together!

  13. aww i'm glad i could help! :smile: but if you get it and hate it... it wasnt me that convinced you :worried: lol