Oh my god.. !! I just notice this.. what should I do ?

  1. My dad bought me this drag bag around 5-6 years ago.. and I used it once and never used it again .. cos I thought it was a little bit too mature for my age at that time.. so I just put it @ the back of their closet... and forget abt it

    I dont remember I have a drag bag until I start reading from the purse forum and start wanting to acquire my own birkin and a kelly clutch..

    I decided to give my bag a little spin today and guess what I found scratches and the bag start molding..

    I dont know what happen but I am so devastated .. do u ladies and gents think is repairable ?


    These are the 2 major ones nd there are numerous smaller scratches .. what should I do ??

    Should I bring it back to the store ??
  2. Take it to see if the craftsmen can do anything to salvage it. If anyone, they will be your best bet!

    Off topic but I just got back from Hong Kong! And I miss it already!!!
  3. I agree with Mr Posh Spice - taking it in is your best bet! I think it is doable but might not come out "perfect". It is certainly worth a try!
  4. It's Rouge H Box, isn't it? So that's a yes. The craftsman can re-apply/paint back its colour. It won't be completely removed (they look like deep ones actually) and you'd still be able to see the scratches but maybe 15-20% only.
  5. I am sorry I know it is box is rouge h the color ?? sorry I am still new here and I asked dad what color is it then he just say burgandy... ! em.. and those scratch are from the straps is there anyway I could prevent it to happen in the future after I repair it ?
  6. When u take it back to the store, have them check the straps and smooth out whatever caused those scratches in the first place. I would def let Hermes take care of this-it is your best option. Good luck to u!!!
  7. Hi

    A trip to Hermes to get the lovely Drag conditioned & restored is the best way forward. I'm sure Hermes can do something to minimise the appearance of the scratches they deal with far worse. One scratch looks a bit deeper than the other but that said they seem quite surface not a major scratch into the hide just surface colour loss.

    Drags are so rare and hideously expensive, more than Birkins etc, so it's worth getting it done.

    Hermes will be able to advise how to care for it and store it so that you don't get any more mould. It's only really damp/moisture that would do that.

    So chin up I'm sure it will be all fine. And what a lovely Dad too!


  8. Good luck!!
    I am anxious to hear about this as well.....I hope it all works out for you. Looks like a pretty bag!

    What a sweet dad!!!!!
  9. yes. it's time for the drag bag to get a nice spa service! I am sure it'll come out nice! good luck!
  10. Thanks everyone for the suggesstion.. I brought it to the stores today but the SA told me that it might not be fixable.. they will try to give it a little treatmentand I wont see my bag for at least 3 months.. !!
    Does it usually take that long this is my first time taking my bag there

  11. Hi

    I don't think many SAs know what can and can't be done for repairs. There is normally a sharp intake of breath and a shrug of the shoulders when you show them something like this. I need a new handle, h/ware and straps on my Drag so I expect the SA to faint, just after multiple shrugs!



  12. The craftsmen are so talented, I bet you will hardly be able to see it. Once you get it back, I would keep it in its dust bag and on the closet shelf, too easy to have something fall on it if it's on the floor.

  13. What fleurs said!

    Fingers Crossed for your Drag!
  14. Let us know how it goes.