Oh My God I Have Been Scamed!

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  1. I got a wallet from a lady named paparazzi-girl[​IMG] ..... i tried to sell the wallet on ebay because I need money to by myself a new birkin and vero shut down my Auction the wallet cost me over 3K tell me they are not saying my wallet is fake and that is why they shut my auction down. how is it that i have sold less them 10 items on ebay get my auction shut down and you have people like paparazzi-girl scaming people? I AM SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What can i do!!?!!?!??
  2. jag isright - that seller is monaco babe......ugh....so sorry to hear that, best...
  3. Oh nooooo.....I'm so sorry about this, Best! You def. need to contact eBay and Paypal immediately!!!!
  4. I have a problem a big problem :sad: if paypal goes after her will they take the money from her? This is crazy paypal will give me back my money but she can still scam others?!?!?
  5. I hate that..and it's too bad it takes a LOT of problems for a seller to no longer be able to sell under that same account. However, they can always create new accounts and just keep going with the trend :sad:
  6. How can i get that person jailed for fraud?
  7. If you've sold less than 10 items on ebay that could be red flagged by them.

    Why don't you post photos of the wallet on the appropriate "Authenticate This " thread on the forum and see what the helpful collectors here think?
  8. This is nutz..... my understanding is that i am powerless.... is this correct?
  9. I agree! You need to be completely certain the item is fake! ebay has been pulling auctions left, right and center lately. Many sellers have had their authentic auctions pulled. Don't get me wrong, that paparazzi-girl is the lowest of the low. She's scum as far as I'm concerned. But don't get stressed out about the item being fake until you've had it authenticated. Post pics and have the girls here help you. We are more than pretty faces. :P

    If it does turn out to be a fake... How did you pay her? By credit card??? And in the last 6 months? If so, file a chargeback now!
  11. Jag, thank you for providing a link to the Avoid Seller list! I'm new to eBay and this is priceless info. I'd be p*ss*d too if I paid good money expecting to receive an authentic item that turned out to be fake.
  12. On the page where you enter your reply, there are "additional options" lower down the page. If you click on "manage attachments" under "attach files", it will guide you through how to attach photos. Hope that helps!
  13. I would be happy to post them for you. Feel free to email me and send me your pics or the link and I can post them in the appropriate thread for you. Just PM me and I will send you my email address.
  14. I am so sorry that happened to you! I hope you get EVERY penny back.

    I will def. check out that avoid sellers list, I forgot it was on here...I hope the seller I am bidding on itsn't on that list :s