Oh my God!! I don't even know what to say!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Counterfeit Merchandisers certainly don't wait a second to get new fakes rolling around. Terrible, I tell you.
  2. One word: speechless.:oh:
  3. That's one ugly purse :sick: !
  4. cant something be done to report a blatant fake as this?
  5. :sick:
  6. I just saw that as well...I was going to post about it. It really is UGLY!!! Thank god that is not a real style!
  7. I love the tagline in the ad......

    "This bag is only for the ladies who want to make a grand statement without speaking a word"

    O you'll make a statement alright..............just not the one you want.
  8. That is exactly the objective that will be achieved :sick:
  9. I checked the seller's feedback and he/she sold a Paddington for $104.........and stated that it was authentic. :wondering :unsure: :lol: :mad:

    EDIT: Actually it doesn't say its auth., just "new".............its still laughable.
  10. :sick: that sure is ugly!!
  11. Wtf !!!!!!!!!!
  12. holy crap, this is sooo ugly. this should be banned.
  13. ummmm, guess what!!!!:sick: :sick:

    the style for the fall bags are very similar to this. :amazed: these people who know these off definitely get their info fast. yes lv has gone into that round/oval medallion in the centre.... many colours.... i ve seen them in the catalogue at my lv store. already taking orders...
  14. blech.
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