Oh My God I Am In Love With Indigo!!!!!

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  1. :drool: :party: OMG!!! My Indigo City arrived yesterday, and I can't say enough how this is the exact sort of vibrant blue I was hoping for. So even though the tassles are off getting uncrinkled and I haven't made her braid or charms, I had to get these two photos up. All I've done is moisturize her. I feel that most of the colors in my bags come up pretty close in the photos I take of them in the sun, but not so with this one. There is a beautiful marbling affect on the back that shows lighter bits of leather that I love, but it doesn't come through in the photo of her and my Pink City. She also has a bit of a purplish hue in her that doesn't show as well. I can't believe the price I got this beauty for, because she is in absolute brand new condition! So a big thank you to the lovely seller! Now I absolutely know my favorites from 05 are....BBGM Pink, Turquoise, Indigo, and Magenta. Since I have all 4, I am confident to say the only other color I want is 04 Eggplant. But don't take the bet with OhDonna on it! I am off to make her a braid and charms and hopefully the beautiful CA sun will still be on my bedroom patio for photos, including a new family portrait when I am done. I found leather that is amazingly like Bal tassles, and I am in the process of having some dyed at a couple of different places so I can pick the best.

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    Check out the 2nd photo of the tale of two city's. I will be back with more photos!!!

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  2. that is a great blue - where did you find it?
  3. That is simply stunning. I love all the blues so much but the darker ones are so awesome. Congrats on you great find..
  4. :nuts:
    Ebay! The really surprising thing was it had a 7 day listing, and was listed for $1200 starting bid, and $1575 buy it now. There was no bids the first few days, and I thought for sure alot bids would come in at the end of the auction. So I set my alarm (7:30 am on a Sunday in CA, so it was not early for anyone mid or east US) thinking I will go in for the SB, and try to hold myself back from going higher. AND NO ONE ELSE BID! I was so elated and thoroughly shocked! I guess some good deals can sneak by unoticed, and I am sooo grateful this one did!!!
  5. Wow oh wow that is beautiful Deana! Looking forward to seeing your new tassel products as well.
  6. It's really beautiful and it looks totally new :nuts: ...very happy for you!!
  7. Group pic Deana! Group pic!
  8. That is beautiful!! I love blues!! I can't wait to see the tassel you make for it. I tried a little braiding and I'll be getting you to make some for me, its a lot harder than it looks!
  9. That is a beautiful bag, Deana. And a very good price, too.
  10. Deana, so so so so pretty!! I'm STILL trying to decide between indigo/bluberry/french blue/turq05 so it really helps seeing your great pics :smile:
  11. Very pretty colour - congrats!!!!
  12. Indigo is one of my favourite colours too, and that one is a beauty! Congrats!
  13. I was watching it too... but decided I really don't like any of the blues - indigo/navy/cornflower/blueberry. Congratulations Deana!!!
  14. Congrats, your indigo is absolutely gorgeous and you got it at a great price. Maybe since there are so many beautiful blues (current and upcoming) it lessened the demand somewhat for indigo. I think it's also a matter of timing and luck too.
  15. Lovely blue :smile: COngrats!!