OH MY GOD Harvey Nichols Balenciaga Sale!!

  1. Girls .. I bought my cornflower box from harvey nichols last week give or take for 580 pounds ... today i walk into the store and balenciagas are literally piled on top of each other on a table in the middle of the store .. on sale!! my box is now going for 460 or 480 pounds!! .. more than 100 pounds difference!! .. i asked teh sales person if i can have the difference refunded and he looked at my box on my arm and said well if you havent used yours i woudl have agreed but you used it! ... sorry! ... how mad am I ??? :mad:
  2. oh man!!! that sucks. :sad: hate it when that happens!

    hey, but maybe you can go back at a different time when there is a different SA there?
  3. Oh man, that's so annoying ! I would definitely try to go back at another time. That's 100 quid that could go towards another bag !!
  4. wow, that is HORRIBLE customer service! That makes no sense - you're not asking to return it! You're just asking for a price adjustment.. I would call corporate or contact a manager! Normally stores like this have at least a 7 day price adjustment policy.
  5. ^I agree with Jennifer - you should go back when there's another (hopefully nicer) SA and try to get the difference. In the meantime, are you going to buy another bag?? :graucho:
    (Gosh, why are all these sales going on now that I've promised myself no more bags for now?) :cry:
  6. i knew this season's bags would go on sale! I KNEW IT! and definetly get a price adjustment. demand it, thats absolutely ridiculous! terrible CS!

    what did they have? any works?

    i wonder if AR will have a sale? *leaps to phone*
  7. Oh thats sooo cruel! I know how you feel - its happened to me a few times, on clothes and shoes - expensive but not as expensive as a designer bag!

    You could be ultra cheeky and take back your bag to get a refund maybe and then just buy the same but in sale?

    What other bags are on sale - other brands?? Any good bargains? I might pop down there tomorrow.

  8. OMG! That's so annoying! What colour bags did they have on sale?
  9. they had many MANY b-bags on sale girls!! :sad: lilacs, cornflowers, and pinks ... also non-motercycle bags ... and many many other brands as well!! the clothes are on sale .. almost everything is!! I got myself a D&G bracelet for 16 pounds!! it was marked down from 55!! .. I also got a DKNY glittery evening purse for 20 pounds!!!! .. I also got a missoni scarf for 17 pounds!! Definatly run down there tomorrow before the great stuff goes away! ... I will return the bag into its dustbag and store bag as if i didnt use it haha .. and try returning it for a refund and getting a new one on sale!! .. i may send my friend in first cuz they know me too well there :P haha ....
  10. Ahhhh I want a scarf!!!
  11. Great haul, his angel! That sucks that they wouldn't do a price adjustment for you! Definitely go back. That's sooo awesome about the sales!!!

    Mocean--that's exactly what I was thinking--AR sale?!? I hope so!!! I'm sooo there if they are!:biggrin:
  12. Thanks for letting us know that they are on sale! Hope I can snag a lilac...Will be heading to Harvey Nics London tomorrow first thing tomorrow!!
  13. Now I know. Next time schedule my London vacation for late June.
  14. Thanks! Oh but I thought the London store sale doesn't start untill tomorrow? Did you go to the London one?
  15. yes i was in the london store ... i was there yesturday too (monday) and they had a few items on sale (that was when i got the scarf and D&G bracelet) .. today was teh b-bags and other brands ... i will go back tomorrow morning to hopefully fixing this thing!! .. the balenciaga wallets are going for 168 pounds!! i can definatly buy a wallet with the difference!! :smile: so i will keep a look out for you guys tomorrow morning? .. around 10-11 am?? hahah
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