Oh my god! can this be ordered yet?

  1. does anyone know if this can be ordered yet?
    I just saw it and i am in looooove!
    if so it will be mine first thing friday morning!!!!
    anyone have a clue about the price?
  2. That is REALLY cute!!!! We NEED to know the price!!!!!
  3. Do you use this as an actual keychain or do you hang it on your purse? Very adorable
  4. That's adorable!!
  5. I'm thinking both!
    maybe it's on the japan site....
  6. It's in the drilldown now. Item number 92238. Call JAX to find out more!
  7. it's not on the japanese site yet!
    I need to know how much that is1 and if i can order it yet!
    has anyone already done it?
  8. okay i think this isn't right...... let's see i tried to convert the price of this
    but it says the converted price is like 103 bucks!
    that can't be right!
    friday... well maybe tomorrow i'll call jax and see!
  9. I just called and It's AVAILABLE!:yahoo: It's $58 and it's available now.

    The Signature C Flower

    I'm going to order later this week. YAY!
  10. The Japan site is higher than the US site. We pay less for our Coach items than they do so the conversion is misleading. The mini skinny would probably be about $48 and the keyfob would be maybe $58? Maybe less. You can call Coach's 800 number any time and ask about items. I've called them quite a few times already today!
  11. 58?! whoo hoo!
    i will make that mine!
    friday morning!
    so if i was to order it, it ships now right?
    stupid i know, but i've never ordered anything before it was " out" kwim?
  12. Love this, too!
  13. All these cute keyfobs are kiiillllliiiiinnngggg meee!! I want them ALLLL! LOL
  14. Ugh! That thing would look so cute on my Speedy!!

  15. that is really cute...