OH MY GAWD! This is out of control already!

  1. I sign on the computer this evening to balance my business credit card against the statement...I see there is a credit. I can't figure out what it is so I call the number listed next to it. It's the seller for the auction in San Fransisco where I just bought furniture, a cameo and my Graffiti Speedy. The refund is now being explained like this: "During the sale of the contents of the Linda X estate, some items had false certification and/or authentications attached to them. This fact was brought to our attention by one of our customers and we have decided to take responsibility for the mishap and provide immediate and complete refunds for all like items sold in the manner for which they were paid." Then in an unscripted convo, the girl proceeds to tell me that they sold a grouping of Louis Vuitton handbags to this customer and that when she took them to LV with the "authentications" they were all rejected as replicas. All of the authentications were the same, done at the same time by the same person for all of the bags. She told me that if I wanted to double check that I could take it to my closest LV Retailer just to be sure. YES MY PRIDE AND JOY, LOVE OF MY LIFE, DRAGGING IT AROUND FOR TWO DAYS NOW LIKE IT IS THE BEST THING EVER BELOVED GRAFFITI SPEEDY IS A STINKING DIRTY NASTy WITCH OF A REPLICA!!! I hope you are all laughing, I need to laugh cause I simply can't cry anymore! They don't even want it, or the FAKE MATCHING WALLET it came with back. I am literally sick to my stomach and utterly disgusted and am going to bed so I get the nightmares over with............I was going to throw the darn thing out the window into my pool but I'm afraid it will fall apart and clog my filter!
  2. By the way, it probably serves me right because I've been reading a post about a Graffiti Speedy on here and thinking, "Oh I am so glad I don't have to worry about my new baby being fake." I thought I had my bases covered and I thought that my inspection was good, right fonts, right stitches, right date code, I even compared it to an authentic one that I had been watching on eBay...everything seemed to be perfect. Well, I guess too perfect!
  3. Sorry to hear that:sad: .But did you bring it to the LV store to get it authenticated...cos as far as I know Graffiti is pretty hard to fake. Or can you post pics of it?:yes:
  4. So are they positive that every single bag from the estate sell was a fake?

    Why don't you take your into an LV boutique just to be sure.

    Did you post pics of it on the forum? I am curious to see what it looks like
  5. You never know, take it in just bto be sure. It would be a shame to turn your back on the real deal, maybe it was the only real one in the auction. Most Graffiti fakes are really obvious, so yours may turn out to be authentic. it's worth a shot.
    Good luck.
  6. Well I cracked up picturing you with the fake!:shame: :lol: ...sorry for the reality of the situation though.:wtf:
  7. I agree with everyone else here. Take it to your local LV boutique or takes pics of it and send it to mypoupette for authentication. It just may end up being real after all.:yes:
  8. tragic story. please take your possible fake to LV and have them authenticate it- and mypoupette. keep us posted on the results!
  9. I'm sure your bag is real , fake graffiti are easy to spot miles away!:wlae:
  10. Do you have pics? Please post them before doing something drastic :smile:
  11. I know, watch it be real, and you throw it away.. :crybaby:
  12. seriously, what if you throw it out and you actually have the real deal. Like stated above, graffiti are very hard to replicate so I say you should take t to the store and see. Maybe you just got a authentic speedy for nothing. HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry to hear this. Like everyone else says, take it in yourself to get it authenticated. You never know...
  14. yep, I would double check it just to be sure, you never know.....They did give you your money back though right?
  15. I would take the is bag to LV and have it checked before freaking out. On a good note if it turns out to be fake at least you got your money back :smile:
    But just to ge sure go to lv, or post several pic's here.