Oh My G! I LOVE this bag!!

  1. b0c0_2.jpg
  2. cute!
  3. seems really small..cute though
  4. so cute!
  5. Great bag!
  6. Oh! cute...
  7. I saw this one too....it's really cute! But not sure it's practical enough~~
  8. I actually don't get it. It would look great with a little black dress or a formal dress, but I can't imagine having enough places to wear it to justfy that price (but maybe that's because I have no life anymore!).
  9. it's tiny!!!
  10. wow that is small and cute but yea i wouldn't buy it
  11. Awwww I'm so sorry you can't have it! But it will come to again, I'm sure of it! Just think about how awesome your trip to NY will be!!!! So jealous here!
  12. did this appear in the devil wears prada? i like it!

    edited: oopppss i just clicked on the link and it is the bag on the devil wears prada LOL! niceeeee!! it ended with a price not worth paying imo though..
  13. soo very cute!
  14. Maybe too tiny and non-practical for me but definetly really cute one though! :love:
  15. it looks like a box of chocolates LOL!