Oh.MY.G--D. Patchwork Denim Speedy !!

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  1. Oh girls...............help! i had forgotten that i put myself on the list a couple months ago for the gray patchwork denim Speedy at $2,020........:wtf:

    they called me and I came in to see it and almost fainted right there..........it is FAR MORE gorgeous than in any pic I have seen, and unlike the real big one, its light! Its in about 3 shades of gray, and the inside is an adorable Laura Ashley-like floral print and there is a cell phone area plus places to put cell and/or other stuff in the outside zippered areas and pockets. PUHleeeeeease talk me out of it, as I dont need it and have 12 Chanels, but my willpower is just not there................am in love with this bag..... HELP i need a reality check
  2. Grab yourself a chocolate bar, a new novel you've been dying to read & DISTRACT yourself!
  3. Ummmm....you don't "need" it...but you only live once and it sounds SOOOO delicious and...and...and...I think you need to get it. Sorry!! I am an enabler at heart. Ummm....yeah...what gacats said...get a book and a chocolate bar. :upsidedown:
  4. If you LOVE it, and have enough money for it, then I say go for it. If its only LUST, its best to try to forget about it, and save for something better down the road. In my opinion, its a little too expensive for what it is, and its such a unique syle that will obviosuly look outdated very quickly.
  5. I love that bag still waiting for the Blue color.... If you get it I'm sure you will enjoy it! I'm pretty sure you wont regret it!
  6. I know what you mean about the gray patchwork speedy. I saw one IRL last week and it is soooooo gorgeous. It looks better up close and personal.

    The SA showed it to me and I had similar feelings of "NEED" --- luckily I distracted myself from shelling out $2,020 by getting a Soupcon GM sunglasses in blue and by repeating to myself --- "I don't need another denim bag. I have three already in different styles and colors. I do not need it. I do not need it." It kinda worked, although I am still thinking about that dang patchwork speedy. LOL And anyway, this mantra won't work when the black denim comes out in the fall.

    Okay --- enabling you here. Just get that gorgeous patchwork speedy! :nuts:
  7. I'm bad at un-enabling. If it's something you think you can live without and are just temporarily obsessing over, then I'd say try the distraction method. Otherwise, if you have the money and you really want it then get it and celebrate! [​IMG]
  8. I'm the worst...get it if you love it...if you don't then take a pass...something else will come around...It always does.
  9. ahhh i'm going to be such an enabler like ^^ .. :yes:

    .. i'm sooo in :heart: :heart: :heart: with that bag :love:, as well! it's soo gorgeous! if you love it, then do it! but i guess you gotta be smart as well .. i mean, if this purse is going to put you in complete debt, then i won't encourage you .. but if you can afford it, then go for it and rock that amazingly cute bag! ;)
  10. You came to the wrong place... we are all enablers here... GET THE BAG!!! :devil:
  11. YOU MUST BUY THE BAG.......U WILL NOT REST TILL IT IS IN YOUR HANDS..........................

    Im no help whatsoever...LMAO!
  12. get it get it you love it hehe
  13. Get it!!!! I have it in blue and LOVE it!!! This is the only LV I've ever had....believe me, I've had tons......that I truly, truly LOVE! Denim will never be outdated! It goes with everything.
  14. Sorry...I can't talk you out of it . The bag is too gorgeous to pass up. GET IT!!!
  15. ha ha .....I don't know what to say :smile: get it if you can (have enough money)