Oh My Frickin' God!

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!
    Ok so my dad calls me up few days ago and to ask if i had any ideas for my mother's birthday. (it's still a couple of months but last few years he couldn't find anything he wanted to give her)
    Since we're in europe he wanted to look for a birthday gift. He didn't want to give her the usuals, watch a gift certificate for a massage :shocked::throwup:
    So i told him give her a nice bag from Louis Vuitton or Chanel. That's her fav! He said "well since you're going to Paris, buy her a something for me" *uugggh*

    So he called me this morning (europe time) and emediatly said "don't say it's me". I was like "uhhhhh Hi Sarah, what's up" and left the room.
    He told me he bought something super nice for Mom's birthday. I asked what....
    He said he bought her the Emprise Diamond Ring, WHite Gold and Diamonds! I was like :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: !!!!

    I was screaming! Mom ran to me and asked "what happend?" My Dad said "Shhhh girl"
    So i was "uuuhh Sarah bought a new bag and has a new boyfriend!" (couldn't think of something els hahahah)
    Mom rolled her eyes and said "ohhh jeeez"

    So there! OH MY GOSH! I can't wait to see it and her reaction when he gives it to her!
  2. Sweet story :biggrin:
  3. Your dad is awesome and mom is going to be grinning from ear-to-ear.
  4. cute. ;)
  5. What a gorgeous gift!!
  6. He's a good man, and a clever one at that.
  7. sweet!
  8. Aww thats so sweet of him!
  9. Thanks for sharing can't wait to hear about your mum reaction
  10. HaHaHa! Your impromptu response to your mom made me LOL.
  11. wow that ring is GORGEOUS post some pictures if u can
  12. Awww your mom is going to be so happy!

    Oh and LOL at your story... it reminded me of something I'd say haha.
  13. Ahhhh, very sweet and your dad is AWESOME! :smile:
  14. oh my goodness, what an AWESOME present. Is a beautiful ring - your mum is very lucky!! Any holiday gifts for your dad's daughter? :p
  15. super sweet dad
    and after those many years..