Oh My! First Hermes Birkin For Mommy!

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  1. Hello boys and gals

    It's my mom's 40th birthday coming up and I want to make it ultra-special this year so I am thinking of buying her a Hermes Birkin.

    I am really sorry for being so ignorant. Can someone tell me how much normally a Birkin would cost? She really like the shoulder Birkin, is that relatively cheaper? I know mommy is after an utility bag so a 30cm+ would be nice.

    I heard the cheapest shoulder birkin in the shop is like over 3000GBP and there is a 2year waiting list too! I have been saving for a year or so but I think there is still abit to go yet.

    Can any experts out there help me out by giving me more info?


  2. check portero.com, they have shoulder birkin
  3. Blimey just looked on that site, very expensive!!

    What is a shoulder Birkin?
  4. I think it's the JPG Birkin
  5. Hey!! Ahh well you learn something new everyday!

    I read somewhere on the board that the JPG is being discontinued but can be made on special order still. I would imagine the price for that would be closer to £4,000
  6. Wilma, What a nice gift for your Mom! :smile:
  7. How sweet are you! Good luck with your search for a gift!
  8. Very Sweet indeed! Keep an eye on Sandiaexchange on eBay...reputable!
  9. OH no has it been discontinued?! I had a good look on eBay and couldnt see that many JPG Birkin around! I saw one in Orange 2007 k stamped sold for 2700GBP in Australia. I think if it was real, it was a steal!
  10. Best thing to do is called your local Hermes store and see what they say :smile:
  11. just to share with you, jpg birkin or shoulder birkin is heavy! :sad: nice but heavy
  12. It is really hard to know about the shoulder Birkin unless you have tried one on. I purchased it in Ebene. It only comes in clemence leather. Even though it is 40cm it is TOTALLY different to the 40cm Birkin.
    The base is very wide and to know if you will like it long term you really need to try it on. It can be very deceiving.
    At first look - you really fall for it, after wearing it then --- not so sure about it.
    If this is really the bag you want, I wish you success with your search!!
  13. shoulder birkins new are $9,400 and up...they are more expensive than normal birkins...which are about $8,000 and up...plus tax