Oh my darling Clementine

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  1. Well UPS came early and trekked thru the snow to bring me this

  2. What a nice gift! So cute! Enjoy!
  3. so cute! Congrats!
  4. What a cute little colorful cross body to begin Spring with....soon.....I hope :smile: I hope you enjoy that happy orange :smile:

  5. What timing! I'm watching the Dooney show that's on QVC now. I'm behind the live show, because I'm pausing the DVR when I leave the room. I'm watching the presentation of this bag when I opened your thread! Your pic is much better than the presentation. I didn't even notice the twisted (braided?) strap until I saw your pic. This a really cute bag and I love the color!

    I'm happy it arrived early and safely. Congrats!
  6. Adorable, congrats!
  7. You're lucky that your UPS guys aren't big babies like ours. I have been waiting two days for my new bag to come. Your Orange bag Is beautiful!
  8. Cute bag! Congrats!
  9. So sweet and I love that beautiful orange :love: Enjoy!

  10. That's not very nice. My husband happens to drive the over the road doubles and I don't particularly want him risking his life when there's ice on the ground.
    No matter how cute the bag is ;)
  11. Thank you all! I've not moved into it yet but have tried it on and it's comfy and easy to get into. Come on spring!

  12. No doubt. I have been saying that since the groundhog saw his shadow and went in to the witness protection program :biggrin: