Oh my DAPHNE!!!!

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  1. Gotta be quick! Work beckon's! Just had to get this up because I'm in "awe" of her! She's LIKE NEW, couldn't look better if she'd just come from the boutique!!!

    $90.00 SHIPPED....InSaNE!!! :yahoo:

    (excuse the mess & sloppy pic's)

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  2. Wow, that is one pretty bag!!! Also love your Gigi from your other thread!
  3. omgosh! that's really pretty and GREAT PRICE!!!!
  4. Yay :yahoo: Its GORGEOUS! :drool: Man I went CRAZY when these first came out! I cant believe you got it for $90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow. Great price you got. Congrats.
  6. Holy cow it's GORGEOUS!!!! What a great price too!!!
  7. She is gorgeous! How much of a drop does she have? Is she a shoulder or arm bag? I don't know much (okay, nothing) about this bag.
  8. VERY nice!!!!! Enjoy :tup:
  9. Great price and she is GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats!
  10. That is an incredible price! Enjoy her!
  11. $90?! Wow! Enjoy your new purchase!
  12. Hey PurseDove....drop is maybe 6 in handbag ONLY!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comments ladies! Never thought I'd do white, but I'm gonna put her UP for spring/summer and concentrate on some cute accessories for her! New flower fob's at Coach.com..here I come!!!
  13. I love white bags! So pretty!
  14. Wow, I saw her on Ebay - you really got a good price for a beautiful bag
  15. Wow congrats. That is a stunning bag, and you got it for a GREAT price. Enjoy it!