Oh, my crazy friend. . .

  1. I have a good friend who enjoys purses and jewelry but definetely not to the extent of the ladies here. :yes: Her husband bought her 1st LV piece: mono pochette and a tiffany diamond necklace for their 3rd wedding anniversary. She was actually upset her husband bought her the necklace and LV because she thought it was too much money. Keep in mind, her husband is a cardiothoracic surgeon so they are not hurting for money. She wants to return the bag and maybe get several less expensive bags for the money. She and her husband were in Chicago and he told he had to take a "call" from the hospital. He "disappeared" for a little while, walked by foot to the LV store, bought the pochette and hid it in one of his larger shopping bags to keep it a surprise. Now, I say given the effort he made she should probably keep the bag especially since she's fine with the bag but not the price. What do you ladies think?
  2. Awww she should definitely keep it...it was so thoughtful of her husband! Convince her to keep this one...and then tell her to tell her husband to not buy her any more expensive bags!
  3. I think she should keep it. He went to so much trouble for it and it sounds like HE really likes it. What a sweet story! YES, she should definitely keep it.
  4. She should keep it b/c it was personally thought out by her hubby.....I think it would be bad manners to return it b/c she felt that the amount would be better spent on something else....unless she cannot stand LV....then she needs to do whats right for her....
  5. She's leaning toward keeping it because she does not want to hurt his feelings. He's normally the type of guy that is not really "aware" of those kind of things so I was so shocked when I heard he got an LV for her. I told her who knows one day I might be able to convert her to LV so it's best to keep the pochette. :yes:
  6. I say keep it!
  7. Keep everything, all of them forever and ever... the bags, diamonds, and the husband.
  8. Definitely keep it, just simply because the thought and effort he put behind it. She should think more about that and not the money. You can't put a price on thoughtful surprises! :love:
  9. Keep it! I'd beat her with a stick if she was my friend (I am in no way advocating violence here, just a mere/weak analogy).
  10. She should definitely keep the LV!
  11. LOL! One of the things I was thinking was how many ladies would kill to have a husband like this!
  12. Kathyrose, I know I'm tempted! Since she's got at least 5 inches and probably about 30 lbs extra compared to me probably not the best idea. :P
  13. I can understand how she feels, my DH bought me a really exhorbitant anniversary gift this year, and my first reaction was to return it and get his $$$ refunded, BUT...if it can be afforded, and it is what your spouse wants you to have...I say she should absolutely keep it!!
  14. Awww she should keep it. I used to hate it when I worked at Coach and a husband would be so excited picking something out for his wife and then she'd come back and return it. The guys always looked so sad. :sad:
  15. She should keep it. What a great husband!