OH MY CHANEL! a sleeplessnight and Relapse

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  1. Well, almost!! Just a warning dearest TPfers,this will be a bit of a novelette,so I ask for your patience.As some of you know ,that I was trapped to my bed for a week due to a bout of Bronchitis,I kind of felt a sudden "withrawal syndrome"caused by shopping deprivation.So despite a strong disapproval from my DH not to go out,I of course prevailed,and off I went hurriedly to N.M.There,I saw 4 ladies carrying authentic Chanel purses ,2 with Jumbo Caviar,in gold/silver Hw and 2 w/GST's in black and brown,and in all fairness to us we were good examples of Chanel admiration society,smiling and lovingly taking a glimpse of each others chanels ( i was carrying my black GST Btw,) But, what caught my attention, was a girl in her early twenties carrying a very fake cambon tote,staring intently at my purse.After a few purchases, I moved to a nearby BeBe store.the store was packed,and since I was carrying a lot,when it was time for me to pay took out my wallet,turned around to grab a diff.size shirt..my GST was gone!! I panicked , hyperventilated,and broke into cold sweats and the whole store was filled with my OMG!!! so many times..all of sudden, I saw this creepy girl with the fake cambon holding my bag and after I called her attention ,she said "heres your purse you left it at the counter".Still frantic and puzzled on how it happened I just hugged my bag back and said 'Thank you" with doubts in my mind...well the rest is for you to judge my friends, b/c if I go on, I will never finish writing this,I just can't get over this incident at least for now..thank you very much once again for your time
  2. I like how you keep mentioning her bag is fake.
  3. Oh my goodness that's scary.
  4. Arkouneo- oh no offense meant here,and I'm not trying to be a meanie, but I failed to mention that I tried to smile at the girl first but never returned the gesture.and knowing that all TpFers are 100%genuine chanel carriers I know I am not offending anybody.
  5. Xanderbsb-You bet!! still can't get over it.Btw, that guy in your avatar is Gorgeous!!
  6. I'd be freaked out too. I'm glad you got your bag back.
  7. I'd feel so shaken up myself if that happened to me.

    Also, thank you for the compliment on the guy in my avatar. That's Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys :heart:
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    I just reread your post. I had thought the girl followed you to bring back your bag. Now, I understand, you had your bag on the counter, and she grabbed it?!? I would've been furious! I'm glad you have your bag back.
  9. Whew - lucky the girl with the fake cambon gave your bag back - maybe she just wanted to admire it up close - Lol
  10. Poor girl was probably engulfed in desire for your bag and saw an opportunity to touch it-glad you got it back!!!
  11. I am happy that you got your bag back! I am anxious to find out about the following question too.

  12. Smoothoprter-Hi, to you TPR star,Yeah I'm really glad I got my bag back,I could'nt imagine if I didnt. Lesson learned.. listen to your DH ..LOL
    Xandersbsb-Now i get what bsb means..thats cute.
    Melissa 71-I don't understand, out of nowhere, she was behind me with my bag in her hand.she just handed it to me after my frantic search and saw her holding it.She did'nt seem to have an affect at all.I remembered putting some of my shopping bags on the counter while I made a quick switch of a shirt size,unknowingly..maybe..I put down my bag instead of the shopping bag
  13. Kystl and LVLux-LOL Both of you are too funny,but you know what? I'm thinking of the same thing,she might wanna know the feel of the "Real thing"b/c for real all she had to do was call my attention that I forgot my bag at the counter for there wer a lot of people around.
    Diva Babe- Hi, I hope I answered all the questions and thanks for the concern. You guys are just the sweetest
  14. Were you on some sort of meds? I know I get whoozy from any meds and leave my stuff everywhere!
  15. I'm sorry you nearly lost your bag and I'm happy it all ended well. But, by referring to the woman carrying the fake bag as creepy is a little bit mean spirited. I don't like it when I see a person carrying an obvious fake, but perhaps she couldn't afford a real bag and was happy to be able to rescue yours for you.You are lucky that she had admired your GST and was able to put you and your handbag together.