Oh my...but why????

  1. heheheh i feel the same...I thinkit looks like a veggy strainer...but alot of the girl s on here love it....Beauty is in the eye of the Beer Holder....hehe jk!
  2. I think this speedy perfo looks great, what's wrong?
  3. I saw someone on the street carrying the Perfo Speedy the other day, it looked gorgeous on her and so unique compared to the regular Mono speedy, not what I expected at all, and much much better looking than at the LV store. There is something about a purse being carried, you cannot always judge by the pictures or even seeing it at the store.
  4. I like the larger dots, esp. in green.
    But the small holes all over annoy me :hrmm:

  5. ^^^ What color did you see them carryng??

    I have seen the pink and the orange but not the green. I'm wondering what the most popular color is?

    I like it. I didnt at first but it has grown on me. Its different
  6. I love the Perfo, I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I have a strong dislike for the orange, though. It reminds me of a pumpkin.
  7. Personally, I wouldn't pay more for something that had pieces taken out of it, but I definetly like the Perf. Speedy more now than I did when it first came out. If the price was less, even though it is a limited edition, I would probably want it more. I do agree however, that a bag looks very different on the street on someone's arm than in the harsh lights of the store.
  8. Well it's all up to everyone's own opinions whether a bag is nice or not. Some people can make it work, while others can't. No harm in that! :smile:
  9. I didn't like this line when I first saw it. But I have to admit the green speedy and fuscha wallet are cute.
  10. I totally agree with this..! :yes:
  11. I like the perfo, I don't have a speedy though - I have the musette in the pink.I would like something small in the orange such as the cles.
  12. I hated this line when it first came out. But I've actually grown to like the musette and the speedy in fuschia. Unfortunately I still can't justify spending $1200 for something with holes in it.
  13. I didn't think the line would be that great but I ended up getting the green pochette, and my mom wanted the fuchsia musette for mother's day so that was my gift to her. Plus, I have the fuchsia bandana and am waiting for my store to get in the green and orange ones. It's much cuter in person..but then again, it's fine not to like them, that's your opinion.
  14. You can't really tell too well but I borrowed my mom's Musette today when we went out for Father's Day dinner and it's gorgeous in person. (That's my dad, brother and me in the picture by the way.)