Oh my!!! Bal store opening in Bay Area, California!

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  1. Holy moly!!! :yahoo:


    From Racked.com
  2. Happy happy joy joy!
  3. :woot::happydance::drinkup:

    Hopefully they will carry not only the bags but the accessories as well!
  4. Great news!
  5. Right?! Now we just need one in SF.
  6. Well, That mall is pretty good compared to going to Las Vegas or LA.
    I Pass It every time I go to Stanford or San Jose so there's at telecast a ghost of,a,chance of me going sometime.
    I've never seen a new bbag and I'd love to see one.
  7. Bumping for ElainePG!
  8. They also carry them at Neiman's and Barney's in SF :smile:
  9. This is me, doing a happy dance! :happydance:

    Has anyone here actually been to a Balenciaga boutique? I wonder what their selection is like? I assume it's got to be better than Neiman's, and presumably more like their (Bal's) web site.

    But would love to hear from anyone who's been to, let's say, the Las Vegas one...
  10. Las Vegas has two Bal Boutiques. One at the Forum shops and the other at the opposite end of the strip. I can't remember the name of that shopping center. When I was in Vegas I also checked out Barneys selection of Bals. In my opinion the dept stores that carry Bals have a good inventory just like the boutiques. I am looking forward to the new boutique opening this summer in San Jose!!!
  11. I never go to Las Vegas… the last time was probably 15 years ago. We met my brother-in-law & his wife there for the weekend. And she & I shopped at the Forum shops. I bought what turned out (I learned recently at the Coach forum) to be a rather unusual little Coach bag, but I wasn't at all into bags then, and Coach was the only brand I knew. Now I wish I could go back and shop, shop, shop!!!
  12. Happy happy!
  13. Can't wait!!!
  14. The Hubster & I are planning a trip to the Westfield Valley Fair early this summer. Has anyone heard of a date when they're opening?
  15. I was at Valley Fair 2 or 3 weeks ago and took a pic of where the story is going to be it says spring but no date. It's in back of the Mall where Prada, Tiffany's and LV are - It's going to be next door to LV store. I would keep an eye out on the Mall's website to see when it show up on the store list - http://www.westfield.com/us/retailers#centres=valleyfair

    bal sign.jpg