Oh my Aunt Flo...

  1. I just hate when Aunt Flo is here...

    Today I have eaten (mind you it's only 12:57):

    A chicken biscuit from McD's
    Hash Brown
    A whole pack of Starburst
    A small can of Pringles
    A snickers bar

    I never eat healthy during this time of the month...ugh Can she just pass already??

    What are your guilty pleasures during this time of the month??? :yahoo:
  2. i think this goes in health and fitness

    but anyway...i like the salty stuff (chips, pickles) and lots of sweets (cakes, chocolate, cookies, etc)
  3. I never usually want to eat much at this time of the month because my stomach gets upset.
  4. Sweets: Candy, Anything Chocolate, Cake, Cookies and Ice Cream!
  5. cakes cakes and more cakes.
    and chinese food.
    and anything with loads of carbs in, like pizza and pasta.
  6. Mexican, Thai and Chinese. (just not all at the same time!)
  7. Oh wow, we both have an Aunt Flo! lol.

    I have eaten 3 ice cream sandwiches, 2 bowls of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, 2 bowls of cereal, a steak with some rice and asparagus, a 12'' subway sandwich, 2 oranges, some lays chips, some granola and its 7:12pm and I woke up at 7:00am. The worst part is I feel like I could still eat the whole kitchen lmao!
  8. I always get cravings for the worst food - greasy burgers (and I normally dont like red meat at all!), fries, pizza, you name it. i try to maybe have one or two things im craving a day, but sometimes i just cant help myself :angel:
  9. I unfortunately have the opposite problem. My period is so painful that even just the thought of food makes me want to vomit. So during that time, I just eat a small amount of very bland food.
  10. I munch on salt and vinegar chips until my lips turn purple!
  11. Thats how I am my first day. But thank god after the first day I feel o.k and Im ready to eat up everything lol.
  12. I get PMS cravings big time. Salt and vinegar chips. Or, plain chips with super hot salsa and sour cream. Ice cream. Red licorice. Anyway, I tend to indulge the salty cravings and try to satisfy the sweet ones with gum. (Extra's polar ice). Doesn't always work but it's a start.
  13. I tend to eat a little more chocolate than I would usually, no dramatic change in my diet though.
  14. My stomach is like an endless pit when I've got my period!! I just eat and eat and eat and never feel full.

    I tend to eat:
    chocolate things
    sweets (cakes/donuts, etc)
    Salty (pringles)
    Gummy bears / Sour apple rings

    Pretty much anything that's fattening and makes me happy!
  15. This is so funny. I usually crave crap. I could eat a whole massive (I mean family size) Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar. Chinese food, Cereal (special K Red Berries), loads of cups of tea, Ben & Jerry's, Walker's Crisps / Lay's Crisps, Kebabs.......wine, beer.....you name it, when Aunt Flo's about, the diet goes out the window, along with the exercise regime. I can put on about 7 pounds around Flo's visit - and it'll be gone in about a day after she's packed her tampons and gone away for another month!!