Oh my aching feet...

  1. ...anyone else wear your CL Nude Patent Yoyos for the first time and feel like you would rather cut your toes off than take another step? lol I had them on yesterday and wanted to cry. Thank God eventually my feet became numb. The problem is they are tight at the toes, but the next size up was too loose at the heel. So will they stretch? Will they become bearable? I just spent $553 for them, so I hope so! Should I 'get back on the horse' and wear them again today? :sweatdrop:
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  2. Hmmm. No I haven't worn mine yet. I was thinking about it today, but I chose a different pair. LOL

    Are you sure the next half size up wouldn't be better with a heel gripper in?

    I did not think patent would stretch when I first started buying CLs, but honestly I have felt a bit of a difference in certain pairs that are patent with wear.
  3. Yeah Asha, the next size up may have worked with heel grips, but too late now, since I've already worn them. lol
  4. Yeah you could try selling the current pair you have and get the other size, but Ebayers might have wiped out the stock? I have never tried to get my shoes stretched other than a recent purchase of Jimmy Choo boots, but the cobbler that the JC boutique in Chicago uses screwed up majorly. You would think they measure the circumference before and after to make sure the shaft was actually stretched, but not so much. They showed up a few days ago and they were the EXACT SAME as the day I tried them on a few weeks ago. LOL

    The boutique had them picked up again and is sending them back to make sure it is actually done. You would think for the price, they would make sure that was the case before they sent them out to me! :sad:

    I don't know, hopefully some other ladies that have successfully stretched shoes and CL patent at that can advise. I have learned to just buy the next half size up and make heel liners my friend. haha
  5. I actually did some calling around yesterday, and basically...the hopes of getting a Nude Patent Yoyo Pump in size 39 are gone! lol
  6. I'm so sorry, Oo! I know how disappointing it is when you finally purchase a pair of shoes you've been dying to have and they end up not working out as well as your Dream Shoes should. :crybaby:

    I don't own the YoYo in nudes, but I do own nude VPs. In my experience, they do not stretch. They do kinda mold to your feet a bit in shape, but the size does stay the same.

    I'd call the Louboutin boutique and ask what they recommend. If worse comes to worst, you make have to put them up for sale on eBay and wait for another pair in your size. :sad:
  7. I am so suprised to hear this, my patent yoyos are like slippers for me. The first time I wore them, I must have walked over 15 blocks and I was pleasantly suprised that my feet weren't in pain. Although I must add that I sized up one full size.
    I think you should try wearing them again because I think they will stretch a little. After 2 wears, mine are now slipping off my heels.
  8. I think that if you find a cobbler with the correct stretcher it can be done. Especially if it is heat stretched. Patent is hard to stretch but it can/will stretch a little. I recently posted this in another thread. Check out the links. Maybe you need to find someone with a toe stretcher.

    Here is a very detailed article I found on stretching shoes.

    If you click on the links you will find all different kinds of stretchers. I had no idea there was more than one kind. I guess you need to figure out exactly what part of your she needs stretching before deciding if a shoe tree can do the job or if you need a professional with a more specific type of stretcher. Check out all the different types there are!
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  9. omg i feel the same way! they are tight for me, i got them TTS cause i was thinking the patent would be worn in and also my friend got a pair 1/2 size up and they stretched on her feet, causing them to slip off. i guess mine would stretch too since i have a pair of miss boxe in patent which stretched quite a bit. the first few times would be hell for me though!!
  10. I own the 1st ones in this link. I use mine on almost all CLs because the toe-box is always too narrow for me.

    About the YoYos, mine are 1 full size up and they fit perfectly although I didnt try them on prior to purchasing so I got lucky. I could have used 1/2 size down but then I think I would have hit the same problem you have oo_let_me_see. I have heel liners to prevent heel slippage and thats worked great so far. Try the shoe strechers.
  11. Thanks everyone. I will give the shoe stretcher a try, cause honestly they fit fine at the heel. They are just tight at the toes, so if I can stretch that part, they will be a perfect fit. =)
  12. Really should do that...most of my heels are tight around the toearea, that's life. We say " il faut souffrir pour être belle":sweatdrop:........ have to sufffer to be beautiful! Now if it doesn't work, my birthday is quite soon...:p
  13. ^ Lol!!
  14. Definitely take them to a cobbler. I've been in a similar situation before w/mine. I wore them several times, hoping that they would start stretching, but no luck! A friend told me to try taking them to a cobbler and presto! they fit now!
  15. what about trying to wear them around the house in thick socks?