Oh my, a trip down memory lane...

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  1. Does anyone remember these?

    I am really dating myself...but way back (late 70's I think?) I used to have one of these. You would tie a bandana inside as a liner so that you couldn't see your stuff. I used to get them at Leed's shoes in CA!

    I loved these!! :roflmfao:

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  2. Oh, I remember and I liked them too. What were we thinking? :nuts:
  3. Oh my I don't remember those, but I DO remember Leeds Shoes. I got my first real pair of cool leather sandals there, you know, the type with the big chunky all around heel bottoms....and thick crossover leather straps..
    They lasted 4 hours, our dog ate one of them and I never got to wear them.
    :yes: Guess it was nice chewy leather.
  4. Wow. That looks really awkward to carry...?
  5. I remember them but never carried one.
  6. I forgot about that bag. The "in" purse charm was also a roach clip with feathers.

    Feeling nostalgic!
  7. ROFL! I remember those!

    As long as we're talking nostalgia...remember the Bermuda Bags in the 80s? Wooden handles, reversible covers, very preppy...:P

    Lilly Pulitzer® Reversible Bermuda Bag - Handbags - Nordstrom.com
  8. Yes! I had those too. Pretty funny, isn't it? :nuts:

    I loved that style of shoe...and clogs with the big thick bottom.

    And a little more traveling down memory lane...does anyone remember these?

    This pic is of the current ones they are selling, but the ones that I had, and LOVED, had the same natural jute string wrapped all around the bottom platform. A few years ago I called Sbicca to see if they still made them. They stopped due to when the soles wore down, the jute would start to unravel. Now they make it in all rubber.
    Hotfoot Shoes: Hemp Natural Pammy Jute
  9. It probably was! :P But what a girl won't do for fashion. ;)
  10. I remember having several of those....:roflmfao: Remember when they used to clip them on the back of~I think~cowboy hats? (I didn't)

    What were my parents thinking? :confused1:
  11. I remember those, but I don't think I had one. Was this item sold out when you first posted it? It is now! :rolleyes:
  12. I remember seeing that in my house. Never knew that was a purse....