Oh My : 61 Years Old Rocking A 5inch Pair Of Lucite Platform Shoes

  1. [​IMG]
    At last night’s star-studden Miramax and Jo Malone party at the Sunset Tower, Oscar front-runner Helen Mirren took some fashion risk by rocking a pair of 5" Lucite heeled platform "stripper shoes."
  2. Yikes!!!
  3. Go Helen!!!!!! LOL!!!! :yes:
  4. Apparently she hasn't heard that "flesh" toned sheer hosiery has received a well-deserved promotion to the fashion history museum.

    But then if you are 61 and still haven't learned that 5 inch heels are on the All Time Top 10 Bad Idea list in the Things to Put on Your Feet department, what can we expect?
  5. INDEED!!!:rochard:
  6. :roflmfao: omgg lol
  7. Wow, I know it's easier to walk in such high heels with stockings, but that's not a good look.
  8. LOL!!!! Well...she's obviously young at heart so, good for her?!
  9. Geeeez.
  10. I think she should have used a good self tanner on her legs rather than those dreadful nylons.
  11. The nylons suck but she rocks
  12. tacky, tacky, tacky.
  13. Shame about the tights, but she had some guts wearing those heels, good on her!
  14. Oh dang, HOTTIE in the house! :p
  15. omg her knees must be crying....