Oh my! 07 Magenta LE City!!!! Hot!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Crap! Is that the one that sold for cheap? Like around $800 BIN?!
  3. That is the one!!! $800 shipped and she looks like she was never used!!! I am in love!!!
  4. You're so lucky! I was going to snatch it up, but I already had too many fabulous pinks. Glad you got it girl!

    Amazing find.
  5. Thank you!! My first City and first Bal bright bag!!! I am in lust for this bag!
  6. Wow what a buy! Congrats she's beautiful!
    Is snuggles guarding Miss Magenta in that pic?! too cute! :heart:
  7. Gorgeous:heart:!!!COngrats! Your doggie is so fun!:P
  8. I was taking the pic and Snuggles jumped in! She is a ham!
  9. i looove 07 LE magenta! :biggrin: i have a GGH city.. gorgeous color ~ congrats!!
  10. congrats! Magenta is one stunning colour!!!!

  11. Congrats muggles! Your Magenta City is so pretty! Enjoy!
  12. Beautiful bag and great deal too! Your doggy is so adorable.
  13. It's gorgeous!!!! What a great find:drool:
  14. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments!