Oh Mulberry, your photos do the leather no justice!

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  1. I'm talking about Gold Metallic here.

    Ladies, ignore the photo on m.com.

    In real life the leather is gorgeous - iridescent gold and green, like a dragonfly or a dragon!

    If there was a Gold Metallic Lily, I might be tempted to break the habit of a lifetime and actually pay full price for a Mulberry (or at least track it down on the first day of the sales:P)
  2. Is there not a gold metallic lily?bot am I getting my leathers mixed up!?!
  3. Ooops sorry - to be more specific its full name is Gold Metallic Snake Print

    here's the link
  4. Ahhh just realised that it's the Lily shoulder in that material, not the standard lily! I think it is lovely though.
  5. Golly Plemont! - just had a look and totally kwym - it looks so dull and dreary in the stock photo - but your beautiful description is perfect, and I can just visualise.....I want :graucho::biggrin:.....