Oh Mon Dieu!!!!! My patent has a "Wrinkle"

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  1. I'll have pictures up tommorow morning. I just can't believe it! I've been wearing my patent camel decollete's around the house to break them in and I just noticed a wrinkle :sad:. What do I do? I love them so much:Push:...Should I keep them? I need to wear them on SAT (i don't have any other shoes to go w/my dress for my to-be-sister-in-law's bridal shower). :sad: I feel like crying. They don't look too bad... Is this common w/patents??:shrugs:
  2. I think it's normal. I've a pair of patent Maternas and they've wrinkled a little with wear.
  3. XNPLO, you make me happy :smile::yes:
  4. Wear them well... post pics for us!
  5. I've had the same experience with my red karey decolletes. I think it's normal - shows they've been worn & appreciated :yes:

    Show us your pics!
  6. sadly, i don't think there's anything you can do to prevent shoes from wrinkling. but i know what you mean. i act like this even for my own shoes.

    on a somewhat similar note, the red patent rolandos i ordered arrived the other day (pics to come soon) and i noticed a small CL collection starting to develop in my wife's closet :smile:. i also noticed that the shoes are so beautiful with the unworn insoles clearly displaying "Christian Louboutin Paris" and the red soles still perfectly intact that i almost don't want her to wear any of them from fear of wrinkling and other damage. it kind of feels like a museum where you're only supposed to look but not touch. i'm sure a lot of you feel the same way, but i can just imagine how some of you ladies must feel with 30+ pairs. that's some museum. you could probably charge admission. i'm pretty excited with just three pairs!

    wouldn't it be great to have two pairs of every shoe. one to wear and one for display purposes only?
  7. I feel your pain--I was sad when my Rolandos wrinkled a bit. It's from the pressure of our foot moving, and I don't think it can be avoided unless you don't ever wear the shoes! :sad: THAT would be even more sad!
  8. i just wore my patent simples for the first time last weekend and after a few hours i noticed a wrinkle. plus one area where it looked like my toe was pushing out or something:wtf: i was so freaked. but then i thought "you know what? no one is going to notice except me. shoes are meant to be worn, especially expensive shoes. it is what it is" and i relaxed and enjoyed the compliments i got on them! ;)
  9. Don't cry! Wrinkling in patent is normal. My Rolandos came that way. There was a wrinkle in the vamp and in the back at the seams. Barely noticeable, but with my paranoid and neurotic mind was worse than it was.

    hlfinn, most (if not all) of my CLs look like that. I've also experienced this with others brands. I think it is natural for shoes to mold to the foot.
  10. I've thought of that! :lol: Like the CL Boutiques w/ their cubbies for each pair, I fantasized about a wall in the house made into a display case. The whole surface would have covered in cubbies and it would be like wallpaper, covering and decorating. :girlsigh:


  11. The same exact thing has happened to me. And I started to freak out too, hehe. Its probably because the leather is soooo soft and nice
  12. Like in the closet of my dreams!!
  13. It's so nice to know that this is normal :smile:, it helps my anxiety lol!
  14. I got the Cortas with wrinkling on the leather, but they were new. They drove me nuts since it's on one shoe only! However, the wrinkling from wear is normal and nothing can be done to avoid it since the shoes bend while you walk.
  15. I had the same thing happening to my patent Leopard Decolletes. I think it's common.