Oh m'gosh!! She's here, she's here!!

  1. So my friend came from Denver this weekend bringing me a present!
  2. And so then it began...
  3. And a little peek!!
  4. And finally...

    Oh, can it be true???

    SunnyFreckles got her Sunny charm!!!!
  5. And on Carly...
  6. Cute! How bright and cheery. :biggrin:
  7. Congrats! That charm is super cute and bright! :tup:

    Perfect charm for you! Glad you finally got it!:yes:
  8. Thanks, ladies!! I hate to get so excited over a silly little charm, but oh, how it just fit!!
  9. That is the cutest thing ever, congrats!!
  10. It's so pretty!! Congrats!!
  11. oo i love it!
  12. Adorable! And perfect for your avatar!!!
  13. So Cute!!!
  14. thats adorable! I want one too!
  15. SOOOO Cute!!! thanks for sharing your happiness!