Oh....meet the Grand"kitty's"...

  1. Ok...so I got a call the other day from one of my daughters (she's away at college). I was thrilled to see her name come up on my caller ID.:love: After saying "Hi Honey...whats up?"...she comes back with..."Mom...I've done something":wtf:...my heart sunk to my shoes...she's had an accident, thrown in the clinker for public intoxication...she got fired from her job....she quit school...She ran off and married some "make love not war" kinda fella??????:wtf:

    Nope...none of the above.

    She's went and had another kitty. Well...not actually had but did adopt. So...now I'm a grandma to 2 GRANDKITTY's..

    He's simply scrumptious! Beautiful long haired gray fella with piercing GREEN eyes....

    Please say hello to Yoshi. My new grandson.:heart:

    And well..his new brother "Baby"...doesn't think to much of him right now. Notice his "I'm not thrilled" look in his eyes? :cursing: I'm sure its towards Yoshi..and not the fact that he's got a ridiculous set of halloween braids on his head!:yahoo:
    yoshi.jpg yoshibath.jpg babyboy.jpg
  2. Yoshi is adorable! Conrats on the new grandkitten. :love:
  3. What a cute kitty! LOL @ the pic with the braids!
  4. awwww, what a doll! congrats on the new grandkitty!
  5. Awww.........lucky kitten to have you! Congrats!
  6. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition to the family! I have a feeling you'll be buying these beautiful grand-kittens Christmas presents!
  7. Yeppers...since there are no little 2 legged children yet...the 4 legged ones are spoiled at all holidays and basically all the time. :heart:I've already hit eBay for pet clothes, designer collars/leashes, holiday ribbons/bandanas and cute noisy toys.