Oh me, OH MY! Marahlago-my purchases!

  1. Check out this link:
    Their pieces are so beautiful I can not begin to describe them. They arrived in our store today and I had to have one, then two, then 3. The pictures do not do it justice either, the stone looks like a cool blue sea with the reflection of couds over it. I feel like I could melt right into it when I look at it. This week's paycheck-GONE! Enjoy!
  2. Guess it might help if I attached the pics...
  3. Love the blue! Congratulations!
  4. Oh Larimar, I bought a few pieces a couple years ago, and I've loved wearing mine! :smile: (not from these guys though)
  5. I love larimar too! very nice!
  6. That's such a pretty color! I'm in love with it!
  7. :love: the blue :biggrin: nice jewelries congrats!
  8. Pretty things
  9. All three pieces are lovely! You have great taste in jewelry! Enjoy!