Oh MAN The Khaki/Red Carly is GORGEOUS!

  1. The tag says the red color is called "Beet" just so you all know! It's definately not chili, it's a deeper more delicious red. I LOVE it. I immediately put my stuff in it and it slouches so sexy like! IT was funny my medium khaki/black slouches at a weird angle like off to the left but this one is nice and centered, I LOVE IT!!! Now to sell my Khaki/Black Carly to pay for it. 9_9 I'll take pics this afternoon for sure!!
  2. Sounds delicious! Can't wait to see pictures.
  3. Sounds great -- pics!
  4. I am dying to see this bag!
  5. ooh! can't wait!
  6. Cant wait to see.... (rubs hands with anticipation)
  7. Sounds gorgeous - Can't wait to see your pics
  8. Hehe Candy I KNEW you'd love that bag. Bet it looks fab with your hair. Can't wait to see pics!
  9. Ooohh!! Tease!!! Can't wait to see pics!!! :drool:
  10. Ohh congrats, cant wait for pics!
  11. Pics!
    carlyred1.jpg carlyred2.jpg
  12. That's Gorgeous! Congrats! :tup:
  13. oh wow, that looks so beautiful!
  14. you lucky girl you!
  15. Ooo, SO pretty!!